How much is an AirBoard?

How much is an AirBoard?

AirBoard is an innovative gasoline powered personal hovercraft that rides on a cushion of air and can go as fast as 15 mph. Priced at $14,000, it can operate over concrete, asphalt, grass or shallow wet areas, but cannot hover over water, sand, or dirt-filled areas.

Where are Hohner Melodicas made?

This melodica was made by Hohner in Germany, around 1950-1960. It is a Melodica Piano 26 model, made of gray and cream plastic with 26 keys, cream plastic mouthpiece, and a plastic strap on the back of the instrument.

Is a melodica easy to play?

What’s a melodica? It’s a small wind instrument (technically a “free-reed”) with keyboard (the piano kind, not the QWERTY kind) on it. It’s super easy to play (especially if you ever learned to play piano).

What does the melodica sound like?

The Melodica sounds very much like a keyboard harmonica (although it is a tad more difficult to bend notes on it as you are further from the reeds) and it produces sound only exhaling into not inhaling. When playing more than one note at a time (polyphonic) the Melodica can sound very reminiscent of an accordion.

What is the Airboard?

The AirBoard is a portable, air powered, keyboard instrument. With its cool new appearance, striking padded bag and Blowflow mouthpiece, this instrument is designed for a new generation of musicians. The AirBoard requires no computer, no cables and no power source!

Why choose the Aztec melodica Airboard?

A stylish Aztec pattern meets the typical HOHNER melodica sound, with a sturdy, airtight construction and our newly designed ergonomic mouthpiece. Enjoy the virtues of the melodica adjusted to a new generation of musicians: a great sound and great looks make the Airboard a favorite of bands like the Indie Pop sensation Walk off the Earth.

Are there any PbPb airboats for sale?

PB Airboats has Financing Available There are currently no used airboats for sale. Please check back soon.

How many keys are there on the Airboard?

Whether you’re an advanced player or a professional, with the Airboard you’ll make the right choice, with 32 or 37 keys. A modern look thanks to the multicolored Aztec pattern.