How much is a ten bob worth?

How much is a ten bob worth?

The Bank of England 10s note, colloquially known as the 10 bob note or just the 10 bob was a banknote of the pound sterling. Ten shillings in pre-decimal money (written 10s or 10/-) was equivalent to half of one pound.

How many pences are in a shilling?

12 pence
Given: Pound (£). Shilling (s) – 20 shillings = 1 pound. Pence (d) – 12 pence = 1 shilling. 240 pence = 1 pound.

What was ten bob in old money?

There were 240 pennies to a pound because originally 240 silver penny coins weighed 1 pound (1lb)….More than a Shilling (s. or /- )

a florin (a two shillings or 2 bob or 2 bob bit) 10 x 2/- = £1
a half-sovereign (ten shillings or 10 bob) 2 x 10/- = £1

When did 10 shilling notes go out of circulation?

20th November 1970
On 20th November 1970 the ten shilling – or ‘ten bob’ – note was officially withdrawn from circulation and replaced with the world’s first seven-sided coin, the 50p. Today you have the opportunity to own one of those very last ten shilling notes ever to be issued.

Why is it called a 10 bob note?

Back in the 1960’s the 10 Shilling Note, or ‘ten bob’ as it was commonly known, would go pretty far – buying you 6 pints of beer, 10 loaves of bread, or 17 pints of milk. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine the decimal equivalent, the 50p, buying so much. In fact, 50p can only just buy you one pint of milk today!

How many Sixpences make a pound?

Prior to Decimal Day in 1971 there were 240 pence in one pound sterling. Twelve pence made a shilling, and twenty shillings made a pound….Sixpence (British coin)

Value 1⁄40 pound sterling 6 (old) pence sterling (until 1971) 2.5 new pence (1971–1980)
Mass (1816–1970) 2.83 g
Diameter 19.41 mm
Edge Milled

Is an old 10 shilling note worth anything?

Older notes from pre-decimalisation are more in demand. A ten-shilling note can be exchanged at the Bank of England for 50p. Yet they are selling for between £2 and £5 each on eBay. So if you found a wad of 20, you could make £100.

Can you still spend old 10 note?

The old £10 note went out of circulation officially at 11.59pm on March 1, 2018. However, old notes can still be exchanged at the Bank now that this point has passed. Although the new tenners came in last year until the deadline the paper money continued to be legal tender so could be spent freely.

How much is a ten bob note worth?

How much is a ten bob note worth? Current value would depend on condition. Ten bob, (Ten Shillings) was half a pound in sterling money. 20 shillings = 1 pound (£) That equates to 50p in todays money. Q: How much is a ten bob note worth?

When did the ten bob note change colour?

After undergoing a colour change during the Second World War, the ten bob note reverted to its familiar red-brown until 1961, when a new design featuring a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was introduced.

What is the history of the ten bob?

From being issued by the Government in a wartime emergency, changing colour to avoid forgery from the Nazis and eventually being replaced by the world’s most popular coin, it’s important that the history of the ten bob isn’t forgotten.

How do you write sixteenth notes?

Sixteenth notes are grouped together with beams like eighth notes. Practice writing sixteenth notes (in groups of 2 & 4) above, below and on the line. The sixteenth rest looks like the eighth rest with one thing added.