How much is a standard central air unit?

How much is a standard central air unit?

Homeowners on average pay between $3,200 and $7,800 for a central air conditioner unit installation. The main factors that will affect the cost of your AC unit include home’s square footage, desired brand, and the SEER rating you choose.

Is American Standard a good brand AC?

While American Standard units are considered well-built and dependable, the company doesn’t offer the most energy-efficient models on the market. For example, its highest-efficiency AC unit has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 22, compared to Lennox’s top unit with a SEER rating of 28.

How long should an American standard air conditioner last?

between 15-20 years
Modern air conditioners can last between 15-20 years, and older air conditioners last around 10-12 years. The health and efficiency of your A/C depends on a number of factors, including whether or not you properly maintained the unit throughout its lifetime.

How much is a 3 ton American Standard air conditioner?

American Standard AC Unit Prices by Size

AC Unit Size Home Sq. Ft Installation Cost
3 tons 1600-1900 $3,926
3.5 tons 1900-2200 $4,195
4 tons 2200-2600 $4,590
5 tons 2600-3200 $5,678

Is 16 SEER worth the extra money?

While more expensive than their 14 SEER counterparts, 16 SEER systems offer a significant increase in energy efficiency. In fact, 16 SEER units are up to 13% more efficient, which saves you hundreds of dollars in energy costs over the years.

Is there a big difference between 13 SEER and 14 SEER?

As can plainly be seen, replacing older units leads to substantially greater savings. Simply divide the old SEER number by the new SEER number in order to see what percentage of power the new unit uses in comparison to the old. Going from a 13 to 14 SEER unit saves about 7.2 percent in power costs.

What is the best SEER rating for an air conditioner?

There’s no magic SEER number. Anything over 13 is great. Because if you have an old 8 SEER system and replace it with a 16 SEER unit, you could significantly reduce the cost of cooling your home. Don’t forget to look at tax credits and manufacturer’s rebates that can bring the down the cost of a high SEER system.

How much does an American standard air conditioner cost?

American Standard Air Conditioner Price List Unit Model Unit Only Cost Installed Cost American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 20 $3,865 $5,635 $420 American Standard AccuComfort Platinum 18 $3,105 $4,755 $568 American Standard Gold 17

Why choose American standard for central air?

From the high-end Platinum series to the durable units in the Silver series, no matter which American Standard AC unit you choose, remember that you’re getting central air you can count on. When you choose American Standard, you get engineering and craftsmanship paired with higher quality air and comfort.

Are American standard HVAC systems any good?

American Standard has been a reputable leading brand in the HVAC industry for over 130 years. It manufactures a variety of high-quality central air conditioning units, with different configurations to suit every need.

How long is the warranty on American standard central air conditioners?

The American Standard comes with 12 years on the compressors in certain units, and 10-year warranties for others. This covers the outdoor coil, internal functional parts, furnaces heat exchangers and heat pumps compressors. American Standard central air conditioners review: User Reviews