How much is a gas chromatograph?

How much is a gas chromatograph?

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Min Average
Weekly Rental Rate $79 $318
Monthly Rental Rate $250 $937
Purchase Price $2,700 $29,581
60/mo Financing Rate $20 $399

What is process gas chromatograph?

Process gas chromatographs are used for separating and analyzing chemical compounds in the gas phase of industrial processes. GC instruments vaporize and distribute samples between a stationary and mobile phase, whereby a chemically inert gas carries molecules through a heated column.

What is a gas chromatograph machine?

A gas chromatograph (GC) is an analytical instrument that measures the content of various components in a sample. The analysis performed by a gas chromatograph is called gas chromatography.

Is a gas chromatograph an analyzer?

Fundamentals of Gas Chromatography Installed in the field or on-line as an individual analyzer or part of an analytical system, Emerson gas chromatographs provide superior accuracy and repeatability across a wide dynamic range of components (from percent to trace-level) for Process and Natural Gas applications.

How much does a chromatography machine cost?

How much does a flash chromatography system cost? Flash chromatography systems that can purify up 10-20 grams of material cost $20,000–$200,000, including installation and accessories.

How much does an HPLC cost?

You can get a “bare bones” HPLC for about $20K, but $40-50K is more typical by the time you throw in automation features and data analysis software.

What are the features of the Model 310 column oven?

The Model 310 column oven is temperature programmable from ambient to 400°C, with unlimited ramps and holds, plus fast cool-down. It will accommodate capillary or packed 4-inch diameter columns. Up to four detectors can be mounted simultaneously with a single On-column, Heated Flash Vaporization, Split/Splitless or PTV injector.

What is the Model 310 used for?

The Model 310 was designed to satisfy the needs of chromatographers who demand the utmost in portability, small size, and high performance, but whose application does not require gas sampling valves, purge & trap, or mulitple injector types.

What do I need to configure a Model 310 GC?

To completely configure a Model 310 GC, most users will need to specify one or more detectors, columns, and an injector upgrade (see the injector types listed in the previous paragraph). Some users may also need a Gas Line Installation Kit for each gas required (helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.).

What is an educational gas chromatograph?

Educational Gas Chromatographs. Compact, low cost, and easy to use educational GCs. Perfect for use in learning enviornments, SRI offers an Educational FID, TCD, or CCD. The Educational FID GC system is ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes or graduate level research, because of its low cost and complete upgradeability.