How much does it cost to build a mudroom locker?

How much does it cost to build a mudroom locker?

Mudroom lockers typically span from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the style. Open lockers or cubbies cost less whereas closed lockers cost $2,000 or more.

How deep should mudroom lockers be?

Mudroom Locker Dimensions Lockers are narrower than a regular closet, measuring 18 inches deep and 70 inches high.

What kind of wood should I use for a mudroom bench?

The bench seat starts with an open-bottom plywood box. To make the four sides of the box, rip two 16-inch strips from a sheet of 3/4-inch plywood using a circular saw. Cut the strips into panels: two at 69½ inches and two at 15½ inches.

Do Mudrooms add value?

Mudrooms are beautiful and functional, meaning organization and more storage to potential buyers in the future. Not only does it add value, mudroom help to protect your investments throughout your home. If you have renovated or are planning to remodel other areas of your home, you’ll want to protect those investments.

How wide should lockers be?

Width: Lockers are usually designed in standard widths: 12 inches (30.5 cm.) wide is a common width, and 15 inches (38 cm.) has become more common recently. Other widths are occasionally found, however, especially in the U.S., where narrower or (occasionally) wider lockers can be found.

How tall should lockers be?

Locker bottom must be 15″ from finished floor. Top shelf may not exceed 48″ from finished floor. Locker must be located in an unobstructed position that maintains full clearance from the wall or other obstacles.

How high should a mudroom shelf be?

The standard mudroom bench height is 18 inches, approximately 46 cm. However, it can also be 19 or 20 inches. These additional inches enable you to pack a large number of goods but still be spacious. Most of the mudroom benches include a shelf or hooks over them to hang clothing items.

How wide should a mudroom be?

Ideally, a mudroom should be no less than 5ft wide, which is broad enough for two people – and dog – to enter comfortably. A minimum length of 5ft is ideal, too.

What are the dimensions of a mudroom locker cabinet?

Each locker section is 15″ wide x 15″ deep. The completed cabinet with 4 lockers is just over 5′ (63 3/4″ to be exact). I am sharing the complete build plans for the DIY mudroom lockers for free at

Is it worth it to build a mudroom locker?

Mudroom Locker Project While the tools and materials needed for this DIY project are a bit extensive, the results are well worth it. This mudroom hutch has two bottom drawers, open storage for jackets and umbrellas, as well as four shoe cubbies and two overhead drawers.

Are the Hutch and mudroom storage lockers matchy matchy?

But that does not mean the hutch and mudroom storage lockers are matchy, matchy. The hutch is built with alder wood and the outside is painted a greenish-gray color.

What do you need to build a mudroom entryway?

This mudroom entryway tutorial is very simple though the results can completely transform the look of your home. Required materials for this project include plywood, pocket hole screws, wood glue, decorative paneling, a power drill, and paint.