How much does a red arowana cost?

How much does a red arowana cost?

As a native of Southeast Asia, the Asian arowana is bred and sold in the region, fetching prices ranging from $300 to $70,000 or more. Known color breeds include the chili red, which goes for around $1,400, and the emerald violet fusion super red, which sells for about $12,000.

How expensive is a Dragonfish?

The World’s Most Coveted Pet Fish Costs $300,000. The Asian arowana (a.k.a. dragon fish) is a tropical freshwater fish that grows to be up to three feet long. Believed by the Chinese to bring good luck and prosperity, it was added to a list of protected species in the 1970s (largely because it’s slow to reproduce).

Why are arowanas illegal?

The arowana most often called dragon fish, the Asian arowana (Scleropages spp.), is illegal to own in the United States due to conservation concerns. This applies to all species of Asian arowanas. Arowana species get far too large for most home aquariums.

What is the most expensive fish in China?

the Asian arowana
Meet the Asian arowana, the unofficial Lamborghini of the sea—and the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. These dragonfish are particularly revered in China, where the freshwater pets are status symbols—and cost a pretty penny. Back in 2009, one was rumored to have sold for $300,000.

Are fish expensive pets?

Fish. Unless you’re looking to go the exotic route, with ornate saltwater species and plants, the cheapest pet to own is probably a fish. The set-up will definitely be the most expensive part, with a basic 20-gallon tank costing close to $200, complete with lighting, filters, air pumps and gravel.

Which arowana is the rarest?

Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana
Albino Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana The rarest variant of all the different types of Asian Arowana is the extremely beautiful Albino version of our Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana.

How much is a red arowana fish worth?

The sheer beauty and the rarity of this fish can be estimated by the fact that a feet long fish holds enormous value. From a registered farm this fish may cost 3,500-5,000$ per fish. This value is so high because red arowana are extremely rare. This in turn is because of excessive hunting in recent past.

What size tank do I need for a red arowana?

Tank requirements. Red arowana is a massive fish by any standards. Standing at minimum of 3 feet in length this fish actually needs a very large aquarium. Rather I would suggest to keep this dragon in a big pond where they will thrive. But if you must keep this fish then I have a few suggestions for you.

What is the origin of arowana fish?

Originating from Kalimantan (Kapuas River and Sentarum Lake). These Arowana have strong red colour against a contrasting base. Multiple colours will appear in the fish ranging from Reds, Purples, Greens, Yellows, Oranges and many more.

What is the most expensive dragon fish?

Most expensive dragon fish. Red arowana is the one ultimate fish that every arowana keeper dreams to have in their aquarium. This massive fish with sheer red color is the ultimate statement of nature’s miracle.