How many wards in Basirhat municipality?

How many wards in Basirhat municipality?

23 wards
The Official Site Of Basirhat Municipality, Westbengal, India. The Municipality is divided into 23 wards covering 22.5 km², with population is 143,007 of which 72,296 are males and 70,711 are females as per 2011 census.

How many municipality in north 24 parganas?

North 24 Parganas district has 27 municipalities highest numbers of municipalities in a district in the state of West Bengal.

Is basirhat a district?


How many wards are there in North 24 Parganas?

1993 (W.B.Act XXII of 1993) the State Govt. has since determined the number of Wards for adhyengram Municipality in the district of North 24 Parganas as 28(twenty eight) vide Erication No. 10.04/MA/O/C-4/1M-5/2004 PL. -II dated.

What is the pin code of Basirhat?

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How many wards are there in Barasat?

32 wards
The city covers an area of 31.6 spread over 32 wards. As per Census 2011, the total population was 2,83,443 with a population density of 8,216 persons per

How many wards are there in Barasat Municipality?

Total Barasat municipal area divided into 29 nos….Geographical Boundary.

North : Khilkapur Paschim Panchayat
Area : 34.50 sq. km
No of Wards : 35
Population : 2, 78,435 (approx at present)
Location Latitude : 88.4829620 , Longitude : 22.7070020

What is the population basirhat?

Total Area 22.5
Population ( as per 2001 census) 113120
Population ( as per 2011 census) 125087
Density of Population(2001) 5027
Density of Population (2011) 5559

What is the Pincode of Habra?

Habra/Zip codes

What is the pin code of hasnabad West Bengal?

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