How many trains at Wheatstone?

How many trains at Wheatstone?

The foundation project includes two liquefied natural gas (LNG) trains with a combined capacity of 8.9 million metric tons per annum and a domestic gas plant.

Where is Wheatstone platform?

Western Australia
The Wheatstone Project consists of an offshore platform located 220 km from Onslow, Western Australia, connected by a trunkline to an onshore plant consisting of two LNG trains, a domestic gas plant and associated infrastructure.

How much did the Wheatstone project cost?

The project is expected to cost A$29 billion (US$29.7 billion). The LNG liquefaction and export plant will have an annual capacity of 15 million tonnes of LNG. In the first stage, the plant will have a gas plant, and two LNG trains with a capacity of 4.3 million tonnes per year each.

Where does gas come from in Australia?

Conventional natural gas in eastern Australia is currently produced in a number of fields in the Gippsland, Otway, Cooper, Bass and Surat-Bowen basins. Conventional natural gas is also produced from the Carnarvon and Perth basins in Western Australia and the Bonaparte basin in the Northern Territory.

How is Wheatstone’s gas processed?

Once onshore at Ashburton North, the majority of Wheatstone’s gas is processed by the two LNG trains, where impurities and inert gases are removed and the natural gas is chilled to minus 130 degrees Celsius, at which point it flashes over to a liquid 600 times the density of the natural gas.

What is the Wheatstone project?

The Wheatstone Project is a joint venture between Australian subsidiaries of Chevron (64.14 percent), Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC) (13.4 percent), Woodside Petroleum Limited (13 percent), and Kyushu Electric Power Company (1.46 percent), together with PE Wheatstone Pty Ltd, part-owned by JERA (8 percent).

Who are the buyers of LNG from the Wheatstone project?

The Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project achieved first LNG production and shipped its first cargo in October 2017. Around 85 percent of our equity LNG from the Wheatstone Project has been committed to buyers in Asia. These agreements include JERA (4.1 MTPA), Kyushu Electric (0.7 MTPA) and Tohoku Electric (0.9 MTPA).

How much has the Wheatstone project spent on Onslow businesses?

Since construction began on the Wheatstone Project, more than $455 million has been spent with local Onslow businesses and organisations for site construction contracts and town based services such as transport, catering, venue hire and general supplies.*