How many times did Hagler fight Duran?

How many times did Hagler fight Durán?

Hagler came into the fight with 57 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws (ties), 48 of his wins being by knockout. For his part, Panama’s Duran sported a record of 77 wins and 4 losses in 81 professional boxing contests, 58 of his wins by knockout….Marvin Hagler vs. Roberto Durán.

Title(s) on the line WBA, WBC and IBF middleweight titles
Tale of the tape

Who won the fight between Durán and Barkley?

Duran didn’t land much in the final round and, despite his best efforts, Barkley couldn’t do enough to claw back victory. Duran was awarded a split decision victory on scores of 118-112, 116-112 and 113-116.

How many times did Durán fight Hearns?

In the end, most of the 14,824 in attendance at the outdoor arena at Caesars Palace stood in collective disbelief. They had watched Hearns (39-1) tear relentlessly into the head of Duran (76-6), the World Boxing Association junior middleweight champion, and knock him to the canvas three times.

Who won between Duran and Hagler?

And the 15 round battle of wits that went all the way was mighty close. In fact, Duran – who was ahead by a point on two cards after the 13th round and was all level with Hagler on the third card – lost by razor-thin scores of 146-145, 144-143, and 144-142.

How old was Duran vs Barkley?

The 28-year-old Barkley was a definitive favorite over the 38-year-old Durán. Many felt this would be the final nail in Durán’s coffin. Durán had other plans. The fight started off surprisingly as a boxing match between the two fighters.

Did Duran and Hearns fight twice?

And though there was one more “Four Kings” fight to come – this the dreary Leonard-Duran III in December of 1989 – this special, unforgettable rivalry had, for all intents and purposes, reached its finale. Hearns and Leonard brought out the best in each other. Twice.

Has Duran been knocked out?

From the de Jesus loss to the Leonard loss, Roberto Duran had won an incredible 41 straight fights. While Duran had been knocked out just four times in his 119 fight career, the Leonard TKO can be dismissed because that loss was a result of the infamous “No Mas” conclusion.