How many rounds does a Ruger LC9s hold?

How many rounds does a Ruger LC9s hold?

The LC9s comes with one 7-round magazine, so with one in the chamber you can carry 8 rounds.

How many magazines does a Ruger LC9s come with?

Available for a suggested retail price of $449, the LC9s comes with one 7-round magazine, a magazine grip extension and a soft case.

Can you put a red dot on a Ruger LC9s?

Ade Advanced Optics Compact RD3-009 Red Dot Reflex Sight for Ruger LC9,LC380,LC9S Pistol.

Can the Ruger LC9s handle +P ammo?

The LC9s is rated for +P, but Ruger recommends a limited diet of that ammo because it will wear out the gun faster. That’s fine, as you should only use +P ammo to make sure they will work in the gun.

Does Ruger make an extended magazine?

Product Information An extended magazine for the handgun that holds seven rounds, saving on the time as fewer rounds need to be reloaded. The extended LCP Ruger magazine improves the experience felt by a handgun user, especially when sporting, since the extra round increases the chances of hitting a target.

What is the difference between a Ruger LC9 and LC9s?

The LC9s was easier to shoot, requiring a bit less concentration to manage the shorter trigger. The trigger on the hammer fired LC9 is quite long, and the trigger weight stacks as the trigger is pulled, but the LC9s has a very light take-up, and a very smooth, lightweight pull after the take-up.

Is there a +1 magazine extension for the LC9?

You’ve asked and now we’re answering. Introducing our newest +1 magazine extension for the LC9, LC9s, and EC9s pistol. Made from carbon fiber reinforced nylon, this economical mag extension is no slouch in the engineering department, with the material being one and half times stronger than aluminum.

What kind of magazine does a Ruger LC9 have?

Increase your magazine capacity to 9 rounds with this Genuine Ruger 9 Round magazine for the Ruger LC9, LC9s, LC9s PRO & EC9s 9mm semi-auto self defense pistols. These Genuine Ruger mags are GREAT to carry as spare mags to give you some extra ammo for defensive situations, and they are GREAT at the range!

How many rounds can you get with the EC9 extended magazine?

I am a US Citizen or a Resident Alien. Increase your magazine capacity to 9 rounds with this extended magazine for the EC9s®, LC9s® and LC9®. In addition to providing you with two extra 9mm Caliber rounds, this magazine features an integrated grip extension on the end of the grip.

Are LC9 Mags worth the cost?

9 round magazines for LC9 are seriously over priced. The cost is too much for one mag or two mags. I have big hands so using the 9 rd mag is a bonus. I bought mine the last yr they made the lc9 it fits and works great the only issue is I paid $44 at the time I bought it