How many octaves could Yma Sumac sing?

How many octaves could Yma Sumac sing?

four octaves
Sumac recorded an extraordinarily wide vocal range of more than four octaves; she could sing notes in the low baritone register as well as notes above the range of an ordinary soprano.

What is a singing sumac?

Vocal range Sumac had a wide vocal register; she could emit notes from above a coloratura soprano to the low notes of a bass and had one of the widest vocal ranges.

Was Yma Sumac a princess?

Interest in her gathered pace and she began playing jazz festivals across North America, while a documentary, Yma Sumac – Hollywood’s Inca Princess, brought her to a new, hip audience.

Why is Yma Sumac famous?

Yma Sumac, a Peruvian singer who burst on the American scene in the 1950s in a tornado of exotic publicity with a voice that glided preternaturally across four octaves, leading her to top record charts, fill nightclubs and become a cult heroine, died Saturday in Los Angeles. She was 86.

Where is Yma Sumac buried?

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CAYma Sumac / Place of burial

When was Yma Sumac born?

September 10, 1922Yma Sumac / Date of birth

What language does Yma Sumac speak?

In this film, Sumac essentially plays herself, an Incan princess who mesmerises people with her incredible voice (several songs from Voice of the Xtabay are featured throughout the film). Sumac also speaks in Quechua, Spanish, and English throughout the film, and looks incredibly beautiful while doing it.

What is an Inca princess?

The Inca Princess was a girl who become a mummy in the 15th century. Accidentally released in 1997, she then assumed the identity of the Peruvian exchange student Ampata Gutierrez.

What language does Yma Sumac sing?

The end result became Yma Sumac’s album, Voice of the Xtabay, which created a hybrid between South American, North American, and Caribbean genres, with Sumac singing in Quechua throughout the recording.