How many head post offices are there in Kerala?

How many head post offices are there in Kerala?

1498 Post Offices (51 Head Offices and 1447 Sub Offices) in the State have been shifted to the Core Banking System.

How many post offices are there in Ernakulam district?

392 – Post offices are there in Ernakulam district using 138 pincodes.

Where was the first post office in Kerala?

The first Anchal post office was opened in 1852 in Alappuzha, Kerala at the time of Uthram thirunal Marthandavarma.

Who is the head of a post office?

The chief administrator of a post office is called a postmaster.

What is anchal office?

Anchal post was the early postal service started in the kingdom of Travancore and Cochin before Independence of India. It was started in Travancore in 1729 by Anizham thirunal Marthandavarma and later in Cochin in 1770s. Later it was merged with the India Posts & Telegraph on 1 April 1951 after Independence of India.

How do I write a letter of complaint to the post office?

Sir, We seek to lodge a complaint that the package received by us, on (date – dd/mm/yy), from (City/Town Name) is poorly damaged. (Describe in your words). The package enclosed packing slips that have been received in an awful situation.

How do I send a letter to the Ernakulam post office?

You can send letters to “Postmaster, Ernakulam Head Post Office, Ernakulam, Ernakulam, Kerala, India, Pincode: 682 011”. You can also contact customer service of this post office on +91-484-235-5467.

What is the postal code of Ernakulam?

The Ernakulam Post Office has the Postal Index Number or Pin Code 682011. A Pincode is a 6 digit post code of postal numbering system used by India Post. The first digit indicates one of the regions. The first 2 digits together indicate the sub region or one of the postal circles. The first 3 digits together indicate a sorting / revenue district.

How does e-post work in Ernakulam?

If a message is booked at Ernakulam post office, the post is scanned and sent to an e-post centre by e-mail and a mail received at e-post centre is printed and sent to nearby Post Office for dispatch. A Ernakulam customer can also avail these services of an e-post, at his/ her home.

What is Pin code 682011 for post office of Ernakulam?

The first digit of 682011 Pin Code ‘6’ represents the region, to which this Post Office of Ernakulam belongs to. The first two digits of the Pincode ’68’ represent the sub region, i.e, Kerala. The first 3 digits ‘682’ represent the post-office revenue district, i.e, Ernakulam.