How many games are in a hexagonal CONCACAF?

How many games are in a hexagonal CONCACAF?

The 14 total matches for each national team began in September 2021 and will wrap up in March 2022. The top three finishers will earn automatic berths to Qatar, while the fourth-place team will head to an intercontinental playoff in June with a final ticket to Qatar on the line.

How does the CONCACAF hexagonal work?

With the implementation of the “Octagonal” format, the field will be expanded from the traditional six that made up the hex, into eight nations that will play 14 matches (seven home, seven away) for three direct qualification bids to the World Cup on the line.

What is the hex soccer?

In association football, the term Hexagonal (known in English as The Hex) was often used to refer to the final round of FIFA World Cup qualification among the six remaining teams in CONCACAF.

Who plays in CONCACAF?

Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao), Nicaragua, Panama, Suriname and the United States were founding members. The CONCACAF is the third-most successful FIFA confederation.

How many CONCACAF teams make World Cup?

eight teams
The third round of CONCACAF matches for 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification, nicknamed the Octagonal (for the eight teams participating), is being played from September 2021 to March 2022.

How does CONCACAF qualifying work?

On 27 July 2020, CONCACAF announced a new qualifying format for the World Cup. First round: CONCACAF teams ranked 6 to 35 based on the FIFA rankings of July 2020 were drawn into six groups of five and played single round-robin matches (two home and two away), with group winners qualifying for the second round.

How many CONCACAF teams go to the Olympics?

25 CONCACAF teams
A total of 25 CONCACAF teams (out of 41) entered Olympic qualifying, with 22 involved in regional qualifiers for the final tournament. The entrants were divided into three zones: North American Zone (NAFU): All three teams (Canada, Mexico, and the United States) qualified automatically for the final tournament.

How does CONCACAF scoring work?

Each round of competition consists of a two-leg home-and-away series with the winner determined by aggregate goals over both legs. If aggregate goals are equal, the away goals rule is applied. If away goals are also equal, the game is decided by an immediate penalty shoot-out; there are no overtime periods.

What is the full form of CONCACAF?

We are the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf). Concacaf is one of FIFA’s six continental confederations, servicing 41 Member Associations, from Canada in the north to Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana in the south.

What is a hexagonal group in CONCACAF?

Top-seeded Hexagonal group: The top 6 ranked CONCACAF teams based on the FIFA rankings of June 2020 were to play home-and-away round-robin matches in one single group (often referred to as the ” Hexagonal “). The top three teams would have qualified for the World Cup, and the fourth-placed team would have advanced to the CONCACAF play-off round.

What does hexagonal mean in football?

In association football, the term Hexagonal (known in English as The Hex) was often used to refer to the final round of FIFA World Cup qualification among the six remaining teams in CONCACAF. The six-team round robin format was used by CONCACAF since the 1998 FIFA World Cup qualification process, up until the 2018 tournament.

What is the FIFA World Cup hexagonal stage?

The fourth round saw the three group winners and the three group runners-up from the third round compete in a single group of six teams. This stage is referred to as the Hexagonal or Hex, and has been used by CONCACAF to determine its World Cup finals entrants since the qualification tournament for the 1998 FIFA World Cup .

What is the CONCACAF Championship?

It was modeled after the CONCACAF Championship which used the format ever since its second edition in 1965, and served as the World Cup qualifying tournament from 1974 to 1990. The United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica were present in every Hexagonal. Mexico was the only national team that qualified for the FIFA World Cup in every Hexagonal.