How long should leader be for Brads Cut plug?

How long should leader be for Brads Cut plug?

Rigging: Leader lengths range from 12”-36” back from the dodger, with the most common length between 18”-24” back from your dodger. Because the Kokanee Cut Plug creates its own action, there is no need for transfered action from the dodger to the lure.

Can I use canned tuna as bait?

It is often wrapped in mesh to form tuna balls, wrapped onto plugs, stuffed in Super Baits, or added to eggs as a flavor enhancer, and because canned tuna is sold in every grocery store and is transported with no refrigeration needed it is an extremely versatile and cost effective bait.

What scents attract salmon?

Vanilla extract, DMSO, herring oil, rootbeer extract and sugars are all proven salmon-getters. Salmon have an affinity to sweets, so keep that in mind. Today’s salmon scents can be applied to just about any terminal gear.

What is Brad’s Super bait cut plugs?

Brad’s Super Bait Cut Plugs is a patented bait holding lure with a superb rotating action that mimics a wounded bait fish. It has proven very effective for various species of Salmon, Kokanee, Lake Trout, Walleye, and many more.

What kind of bait do you use for fishing?

Baiting: The type of bait used may vary depending on the species of fish being pursued. Using canned tuna in oil, sardines, or chopped herring along with your favorite scent can enhance the fish catching performance significantly. Be creative by mixing your own secret Super Bait Cut Plug recipe.

What size Flasher do I need for a Super bait?

Connect the flasher to the Super Bait leader with a Brad’s Bead Chain; the length of the Super Bait leader depends on the species of fish, with the lengths ranging from 28-60 inches. Rotating flashers, such as the Pro-Troll ProChip Flasher have proven to be very effective.

How do you use Brad’s Beach chains?

Mooching Rig or Double Treble: Run leader through hook tunnel and head, use Brad’s Bead Chains or Brad’s Swivels on the main line. Downrigger and Flasher: It is important to use a heavy flasher leader with Brad’s Beach Chains and Duo Lock Snaps on both ends. One snap connects to the main line swivel, one snap connects to the flasher.