How long is the waiting list for weight loss surgery?

How long is the waiting list for weight loss surgery?

After being able to prove that you’ve exhausted all other methods of weight loss, you would have to get a GP referral, then go through a 6-12 month weight loss programme before eventually making it on to a surgeons waiting list. A process which would likely take 18 months at the very least.

How long is hospital stay after weight loss surgery?

Most gastric bypass surgery is laparoscopic, which means the surgeon makes small cuts. That makes for shorter recovery time. Most people stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 days, and get back to normal activities in 3 to 5 weeks.

How do I qualify for weight loss surgery in NJ?

Do You Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery?

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or greater.
  • 100 lbs. over ideal body weight for men and 80 pounds. over ideal body weight for women.
  • BMI of 35 or greater (Along with suffering from obesity-related health problems such as diabetes, heart disease or severe sleep apnea)

What is Tier 4 weight loss surgery?

Tier 4 – Severe and Complex Obesity Services (including obesity surgery and obesity medicine MDTs and specialist weight management programmes, post-surgical and annual follow up). It is important to note that Tier 4 includes not only bariatric surgery but also bariatric medicine.

How can I get weight loss surgery?

Morbid obesity is defined as a BMI score of 40 or more. You typically qualify for bariatric surgery if you have a BMI of 35-39, with specific significant health problems like Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea or high blood pressure. A BMI of 40 or higher also is a qualifying factor.

Is bariatric surgery just starvation?

Critics say that bariatric surgery is merely a forced diet—the various techniques are designed to reduce your stomach’s capacity to hold food or to damage your organs so that they cannot absorb as many nutrients. In short: induced malnutrition. Post-surgical nutritional deficiencies are common.

Does Horizon NJ Health cover weight loss programs?

Horizon NJ Health is a Medicaid plan which covers weight loss surgery.