How long has the AK-47 been around?

How long has the AK-47 been around?

After more than seven decades, the AK-47 model and its variants remain the most popular and widely used rifles in the world. The number “47” refers to the year the rifle was finished. Design work on the AK-47 began in 1945.

How do I load an AK-47 into the Chamber?

Loading the AK-47: Pull the operating handle (fig 10), fully to the rear and release it so the lug on the bottom of the bolt can strip a round from the magazine and into the chamber. NOTE: The selector (fig 11), must be in a firing position. CAUTION: Always keep the selector in the safe (upper) position until the weapon is ready to be fired.

What kind of ammo does the AK-47 fire?

The AK-47 automatic rifle fires the 7.62x39mm round, M1943. The rounds have varying construction depending upon their purpose. The weight of the bullets and their muzzle velocity are selected so that firing with the different bullets can be conducted with the same sight settings. Ammunition is divided into service and auxiliary types.

What are the perks of an AK-47?

Some additional AK-47 perks, among many, include its chrome-lined, corrosive ammunition resistant barrel, double-roped hammer and trigger springs, and long-life durability. For most AK-47 models, it is fairly accurate out to about 300 meters.

What are the parts of an AK-47 rifle?

Includes side-mounted scope rail, sectional cleaning rod, one 10rd magazine, sling, oil bottle and cleaning kit. The first AK-47 rifles were entered into service in 1947. Now, you can own a version of this semi-auto firearm that is frequently found in military arsenals around the world.

What is the ISBN number for the AK-47?

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How much does an AK 47 cost in Kenya?

In Kenya, “an AK-47 fetches five head of cattle (about 10,000 Kenya shillings or 100 U.S. dollars) when offered for barter, but costs almost half that price when cash is paid”. There are places around the world where AK type weapons can be purchased on the black market “for as little as $6, or traded for a chicken or a sack of grain”.