How heavy should a blacksmith anvil be?

How heavy should a blacksmith anvil be?

Blacksmith anvils typically weigh between 75 to 500 pounds (34 – 226 kg), but extreme examples can be as light as 8 ounces (220 g) and as heavy as 1,000 pounds (453 kg) or more.

How much is an anvil worth per pound?

For a typical blacksmith anvil, the cost to buy one new is $7-$10 per pound. The average cost of a used anvil is $2-$5 per pound. What is this? Anvils can be made of cast iron or steel, and the size and shape vary greatly.

What is the heaviest anvil?

The prospective world’s largest anvil is pictured Thursday at Linn Park in Martinsville. MARTINSVILLE — A 5,530-pound anvil that is in the running for world’s largest status was installed late Thursday morning at Linn Park in Martinsville.

Why put a chain around an anvil?

The main reason chains are wrapped around anvils is for noise reduction. Depending on their make and quality, many produce a lot of noise when struck. The sound is similar to the clanging of a church bell or high-pitched ringing—hence, the terms. Chains work by dampening the vibration the iron makes while in use.

Why do anvils have horns?

The horn is the “front” end of the anvil which is curved. This allows the smith to hammer different curves into the piece they are working on, with the precise curve depending on how and what part of the horn they hold the piece on while they hammer it.

Why do anvils have chains?

Do they still make blacksmith anvils?

They still make anvils that way today, though there are other ways to make anvils these days. What is less clear is how they would have worked out that cast iron weapons worked pretty well, even though they couldn’t be hardened.

Where to buy anvils locally?


  • CUSTOM TOOLING. Our Anvils include the Italian Bulgar,Austrian and Peddinghaus styles. Our Fly Presses are the low tech answer to power hammers.
  • Where can I buy an anvil?


  • Ballista Dunestalker
  • Ballista Snowblind
  • Would a blacksmith use an anvil?

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