How far can you cantilever a TJI?

How far can you cantilever a TJI?

4 feet
TJI® joists are permitted to be cantilevered up to 1/3 the adjacent span if not supporting concentrated loads on the cantilever. Cantilevers exceeding 4 feet may require special consideration.

What sizes do TJI joists come in?

This guide features TJI® joists in the following sizes: Flange Widths: 2½” and 3½” Depths: 9½”, 117⁄8″, 14″, 16″, 18″, and 20″ Weyerhaeuser offers a series of joists made in Canada: Trus Joist® TJI® s31, s33 and s47 joists.

What is a TJI 210 joist?

Sold by lineal foot. Trus Joist® TJI® joists are lightweight, easy to work with, and deliver unmatched dimensional stability and performance. They are engineered to resist the bowing, twisting, and shrinking that can lead to squeaky or “soft” floors. 2-1/16 inches x 9-1/2 inches. Engineered for strength and consistency.

How tall are TJI joists?

This section contains design information for 9½”–16″ deep Trus Joist® TJI® joists. These standard-size TJI® joists are readily available through your local Weyerhaeuser dealer or distributor. Offered with the flange sizes shown below, they come in lengths up to 60′ (in 1′ increments).

What is TJI framing?

TJI’s (engineered wood I joists) are my preferred framing members for floor systems. TJI’s offer many benefits compared to traditional dimensional lumber joists including: almost no twisting or warping, very little dimensional shrinkage, stiffness and strength.

How long can a TJI span?

[6] Total load deflection limited to L/240 and live load deflection limited to L/360; no composite action considered. [7] Maximum on-center spacing for bracing of TJI® 110 is 32″ o.c.; for bracing of all other TJI® joists use 36″ o.c. [8] Maximum clear span limited by scope of 2018 IRC Table 802.5.

What are iLevel® Trus Joist® TJ-pro ratings?

Take the guesswork Out of Floor Performance with TJ-Pro Ratings iLevel® Trus Joist® TJ-Pro™ Ratings are generated by a sophisticated computer model designed to predict floor performance and evaluate the relationship between the cost and the “feel” of any given floor system.

What are the dimensions of a TJI?

TJI®12″ o.c. 16″ o.c. 19.2″ o.c. 24″ o.c. 110 Not Required 18′-8″ 15′-6″ 12′-5″ 21020′-8″ 17′-3″ 13′-9″

What is a TJI® I-joist?

Trus Joist®developed wooden I-joists nearly 40 years ago, and since then we’ve continually improved their quality and made them easier to work with. Engineered to provide strength and consistency, TJI® joists are a key part of our Silent Floor® System. Silent Floor® joists continue to set the standard for residential floor and roof joists.

What are the Tji® basic properties reaction properties?

(1) Caution: Do not increase joist moment design properties by a repetitive member use factor . Depth TJI® Basic Properties Reaction Properties Joist Weight 6 (lbs/ft) Maximum Resistive Moment(1) (ft-lbs) Joist Only El x 10 (in.2-lbs) Maximum 3 Vertical Shear (lbs) 13⁄4″ End Reaction (lbs) 1⁄2″ Intermediate Reaction (lbs) No Web Stiffeners With Web