How does PROFIBUS connector work?

How does PROFIBUS connector work?

How does Profibus work? Profibus is also a master-slave type protocol like Modbus but with an additional token ring protocol to allow for multiple masters. Also, unlike Modbus, all devices go through a startup sequence during which they “join” the network. Each slave maintains a failsafe timer.

How many wires are in PROFIBUS cable?

The Profibus Cable: How To Make Your Own The connections are fairly simple since the cable only has two wires and a shield. But you should be careful.

Can you join PROFIBUS cable?

Basically, base on current arrangement that we have, the connection/join of profibus cable is done over the normal wire terminal. Is like to make connection between field wire from outside of the junction box to internal wiring in the junction box.

How long can a PROFIBUS cable be?

The corresponding maximum cable length allowed per segment is established in the PROFIBUS standard: 9.6 kbps = 1200 meter. 19.2 kbps = 1200 meter. 45.45 kbps = 1200 meter.


The PROFIBUS DP network was developed as a quick solution based on an RS485 physical layer and the European standard EN-50170. The physical layer does not have to be copper – you can also have wireless or fiber optics.

What is difference between Profinet and PROFIBUS?

PROFIBUS employs a master-slave interaction, whereas PROFINET uses a consumer provider model. In a master-slave interaction, the master has unidirectional control over all its slave devices and processes. The controller will always be the master, and the IO devices will always be slaves.

What are the features of PROFIBUS connectors?

It is highly recommended that special PROFIBUS connectors are used when wiring a DP/FMS network. These connectors incorporate several features that ensure reliable operation and provide quick and robust connection. These features may include: • Built-in termination resistors that can be switched in and out.

How can I test my PROFIBUS DP network?

Hand-held bus test tools are available from several manufacturers. Such tools can quickly and efficiently check PROFIBUS network cabling and slave device connections and can help to minimise wiring faults in PROFIBUS DP networks during installation and start-up.

How do I install a PROFIBUS cable?

InstallationGuideV7.2.doc PROFIBUS Installation Guideline V7.2 ©MMU Page 13 of 39 1 2 3 Measure the length of the cable Insert the measured cable Close the stripping tool gently. to be stripped using the template end into the stripping tool.

What type of cable for PROFIBUS PA segments?

Cable for PROFIBUS PA IEC 61158-2 specifies four different types of cable for use in PA segments (table 7). PA type A cable (not the same as RS485 Type A cable) is a two-core shielded twisted pair cable which gives the best performance in terms of signal attenuation and hence cable length.