How does a vapor hone work?

How does a vapor hone work?

What is Vapor Honing?

  1. Combining water and abrasive together forms a slurry which is propelled at the part surface using compressed air.
  2. Abrasive selection is made based on desired surface roughness or aesthetical finish.

What is liquid honing?

Typically used on complex and delicate components, our liquid honing process uses a slurry of water, compound, and media to provide a clean, uniform micro surface. In addition to visual inspections, IMF utilizes profilometers to measure surface properties with precision resolution.

What medium is used in Vapour blasting?

Any type of blast media can be used, though glass beads, or a mix of sodium bicarbonate and fine glass beads are normally used for wet blasting inside a blast cabinet. For outdoor wet blasting, crushed glass, Green Diamond nickel slag, or copper slag may be used.

How good is soda blasting?

Soda blasting is particularly effective at removing light rust, mill scale, spray-paint graffiti, and fire damage soot without damaging the base material underneath.

What happens if you sandblast stainless steel?

Grit blasting leaves a rough profile that makes the stainless steel prone to crevice corrosion, whether or not the surface is free of iron. Thus, grit blasting should be avoided. Sand blasting — This method is generally unsatisfactory.

What is vapor honing and how does it work?

Vapor honing involves mixing abrasive materials with water. Compared to sandblasting, the process is much less erosive to surfaces. For the ultimate guide to vapor honing, keep reading. Over the last decade, there’s been a major transformation in the field of abrasive blasting.

What is vapor honing and dry blasting?

Vapor honing is also known as vapor blasting, aqua blasting, wet blasting, slurry blasting, and dustless blasting. As you can see from all these names, vapor honing is the “wet” version of dry blasting. We’ll cover the differences between these later on in this article. For now, we’ll explain what vapor honing is.

What is the vapor-hone process?

The process removes rust, corrosion, embedded dirt and grime. Starting with a hot tank wash, then Vapor-Hone process with a spot free rinse and immediately air drying.

What to look for when choosing vapor honing equipment suppliers?

When searching for vapor honing equipment suppliers, it’s helpful to look for a leader in the field. You should look for someone with experience in supplying degreasing and blasting equipment.