How does a drop test work?

How does a drop test work?

A drop test is a test designed to examine the structural integrity of a product. Drop tests usually involve an object being dropped from a predefined height onto a second object or surface. The object being tested can be either the dropped object or the object/surface that an object is being dropped on to.

How do you do a drop test?

Package drop test procedure

  1. Randomly choose a packaged carton from the available master cartons as a testing sample.
  2. Find a suitable testing area with a flat and hard floor.
  3. Drop the carton from the appropriate height 10 times from different sides.
  4. Open the carton and verify the condition of packaging and products inside.

What is drop impact test?

A drop weight impact test typically determines a material’s resistance to a sudden external force. This type of test is also applicable for pipe testing where the impact resistance of thermoplastic pipes is measured. The standards which are applicable for this type of testing include ASTM D2444 and ISO 3127.

What is a drop test called?

Drop testing, also known as dynamic impact testing, determines effects on test parts of random drops and repeated impacts due to handling, shipping, and other field service conditions.

Why drop test is required?

The main reason to carry out a package drop test is therefore to obtain information that allows designing a suitable packaging and securing the goods during transport. This results in the reduction of unnecessary costs or loss due to damage.

What is the standard height for drop test?

Drop heights range from 4 to 8 feet. If the device powers off or reboots and data is lost during testing, the device is deemed to have failed the drop test. U.S. Military Standard, MIL-STD-810G, defines a process by which devices are dropped 26 times, on all faces (sides), corners, and edges.

What is drop weight testing?

The drop weight test is a mechanical test, in which a defined weight falls onto a specimen from a specified height. Following the drop weight test the appearance of the fracture surfaces is evaluated. Here the proportions of the deformation fracture surface and brittle fracture surface are determined visually.

What is impact test PVC pipe?

Orange. HEXA Plast Pipe Impact Tester is used to measure the impact behaviour of a Plastic Pipe. Application: The impact resistance of thermoplastic pipe and fittings relates to its suitability for service and to quality of the processing. It may also provide a relative measure of the.

What is the average of stick drop test?


Excellent Above Average Below Average
<7.5cm 7.5 – 15.9cm 20.4 – 28cm

What is ISO standard for drop test?

This part of ISO 7965 specifies a method of vertical impact testing on a filled paper sack by dropping.