How do you write a conclusion for a personal narrative?

How do you write a conclusion for a personal narrative?

The conclusion must wrap up the story and include what you learned or realized from this experience. It should be the logical ending to the story and be about three sentences long. Never end a paper by saying The End! If the reader cannot tell that the story is at an end, you need to rewrite the conclusion.

How do you start a reflective narrative essay?

Writing Creating Your First Draft Provide background details and events that build your narrative and lead up to the change. Include an anecdote that helps demonstrate the change. Remember to show readers what is happening and use dialogue. Reflect on events after the change and think about how your life was different.

How do you write a conclusion for an art essay?

ConclusionStep 1: Summarise and restate your thesis responding to the question. Step 2: Sum up the ideas you originally signposted. Step 3: Conclude the essay with a strong, snappy sentence.

What should not be included in a conclusion?

Six Things to AVOID in Your Conclusion1: AVOID summarizing. 2: AVOID repeating your thesis or intro material verbatim. 3: AVOID bringing up minor points. 4: AVOID introducing new information. 5: AVOID selling yourself short. 6: AVOID the phrases “in summary” and “in conclusion.”