How do you unlock a marble pit?

How do you unlock a marble pit?

You also need to fully complete the quest chains that unlock Sun Tiles and the Frozen Rainbow. If you still haven’t unlocked these resources, complete the required quests first. If you’ve completed all the quests, yet the Marble Pit is still locked, contact our support team.

How do you get the frozen rainbow in Tribez?

You can produce frozen rainbow in the Alchemy lab building. To get access to it, you’ll have to reach level 21 and complete the relevant quest line. The production of frozen rainbow requires sun tile and cut stone.

What quest unlock the marble pit in Tribez?

For people who have not yet got the Marble Pit quest, you have to complete quest “Flower Seller” in Marble Fjord. Since the 2016 Halloween Update, the coral now costs marble in production. You have to get more marble in Ancestors’ Atoll since Marble is also needed in production of other resources.

How do I send villagers to a quest in Tribez?

Tap the wish icon to send your villager to their wish building. Fulfilling your villagers’ wishes will make them happy and also give you an experience bonus!

How do I get to Murlod Island?

… to Murlod Island: (Quests to do on Ancestors’ Atoll)

  1. Build 3 nice Huts, a pigfarm and a warehouse.
  2. Build first bridge.
  3. Build second bridge.
  4. Collect 5 fruits from fruit trees.
  5. Build a cottage for Duz.
  6. Find 5 Boomerangs in the Cave, take away 3 Daggers from Murlods and find a Lasso in the Shaman Shop.

How do you get Starclay in the Tribez?


  1. Find 5 Magnets by arranging Long-Term deals at the Stone Processing Mill.
  2. Find 5 Telescopes by arranging any deals at Hotel.
  3. Find 3 Antennae by arranging Long-Term deals at the Lumber Mill.

How do I get the shaman shop in Tribez?


  1. Level: 22.
  2. Main Building: Level 7.
  3. Quest Find Item required to unlock: Find 3 Ancient Shaman Masks in the Mysterious Cave. Find a Glass Ball in the Airplane.

How do I get to mystery shore Tribez?

… to Mystery Shore: (Quests to do on Marble Fiord)

  1. Build 2 Huts, 2 Cauldrons and 2 Bonfires.
  2. Buy the Territory with the shipwreck and explore it.
  3. Buy the territory in the southeast with the Cave (160k Gold) and explore it.
  4. Find a Flashlight and a Shovel in the shipwreck and 5 Thermoses in the cave.

How do you unlock the shaman shop in Tribez?

Where is the Dino treasure in Tribez?

rewards resources received in 1st column from level 50. When 10% has been reached or exceeded, a dino treasure may appear, be on the lookout to unlock it for free. This chest contains gold, experience points and competition items which can even be keys!

How do you get sun tiles in Tribez?

Sun tile is produced in the Sun Tree building that is available from level 13 on the Island of the Ancients. You’ll need wood, food and lumber to start the production. Moreover, you can always find sun tile at your friends’ villages or buy it in the store.

How do you get magnets in Tribez?

How do I make progress in The Tribez?

If you ever get stuck on what to do next on an individual quest, pull up the quest by tapping that quest’s icon on the left side of the screen, then tap the “Find” button to locate the object of your quest. Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Resources – The key to making progress in The Tribez is unlocking territory and gaining levels.

What is The Tribez and how does it work?

In The Tribez, players take on the role of a time-traveler that is plopped down right at the dawn of man. A friendly group of humans brings them into the village and names them chief, and now the player must use their knowledge to build up the tribe to survive and thrive in a harsh world.

Is being a chieftain hard in The Tribez?

In The Tribez, being a chieftain is hard work! Use these tips to keep your villagers, happy, safe, and productive. Remember that your main goals are to eventually expand your holdings into other territories and eventually explore and conquer all the islands in the game, as well as to recover rare artifacts from the future.

How do you replenish resources quickly in The Tribez?

The more quickly you gather resources when they first become available, the more quickly you can replenish those resources by harvesting them again. Watch The Clock – One of the best ways to make use of your time in The Tribez is to try to coordinate building and harvesting times to match each other.