How do you take the seat off a 1997 Honda Valkyrie?

How do you take the seat off a 1997 Honda Valkyrie?

Removal of Stock Seat: Insert the ignition key into the lock on left side cover and turn to unlock the seat. 2. Interstate models: Remove the rear Allen screw, pull the nose of the seat up, and slide forward to remove.

How do you take the seat off a 2004 Honda VTX 1300?

How to Remove a VTX1300 Seat

  1. Locate the Allen head bolt behind the pillion seat on the rear fender. The rear portion of the pillion seat attaches to the bolt.
  2. Find the Allen head bolt on each side of the pillion seat.
  3. Locate the bolts on each side of the driver’s seat and remove them with a 13 mm box wrench.

How do you take the seat off a 2003 Honda VTX 1800?

Remove the seat by removing the two 6mm bolts (one on each side above the rear of your side covers) and the chrome 10mm tap on the rear, flip the seat over and you will see the two bolts that hold the seat together.

What kind of seats does a Honda GL 1500 have?

The red Honda GL 1500 seats between 1994 and 1996 were this color. This custom motorcycle seat comes with a fully adjustable and removable rider backrest and a matching replacement cover for the factory passenger pad. All Hartco seats are individually custom made motorcycle seats for each rider and passenger.

Can you order a custom seat for a Honda GL1800 Goldwing?

This Hartco custom seat for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing can be ordered with or without the built-in drivers backrest and with a cover to re-upholster your existing passenger bad or with Hartco’s new thinner more upright replacement passenger pad.

What is the replacement for the Honda GL 1800 passenger backrest?

For passengers that want more room in the back or feel the passenger leans too far back, Hartco makes a replacement Honda GL 1800 passenger backrest that offers an inch and a half more passenger space and a more upright passenger backrest.

What is the GL1500 saddle system?

Corbin’s GL1500 Saddle System includes “Master’s Type” saddle, adjustable rider’s backrest and coordinated passenger trunkrest. Designed with flowing lines that integrate well with the shape of the Gold Wing.