How do you take care of a potted poinsettia?

How do you take care of a potted poinsettia?

  1. Keep soil moist.
  2. Water plant when the soil surface feels dry to a light touch, or pot feels lightweight when lifted. Never allow poinsettias to get so dry that they wilt. Remove from decorative foil or outer pot before watering.
  3. Continue watering as needed January through March.

How do you keep poinsettias alive in the house?

Poinsettias like plenty of bright, indirect sunlight. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so don’t place them directly in the sun, next to a heater or near a drafty window. A daytime temperature between 65 and 80 degrees and nights around 60 degrees will provide perfect conditions for continued growth.

Do poinsettias like sun or shade?

Poinsettias need a minimum of six hours of indirect sunlight each day. Protect the plants from freezing temperatures, especially when transporting them. Place them in a light-filled room away from drafts. They do best in rooms between 55 and 65 F at night and 65 to 70 F during the day.

How often do poinsettias need to be watered?

about once a week
In your home, put the poinsettia in a well lighted area away from drafts and heat vents. Water the poinsettia when the pot becomes lightweight or when the soil becomes dry to the touch, about once a week. Water the plant thoroughly in a sink, letting it drain, before putting it back where it was.

How often should you water a poinsettia?

How long do potted poinsettias last?

2 to 3 months
If cared for properly, a potted poinsettia can last for 2 to 3 months in your home. However, some home gardeners with a particularly green thumb may enjoy the challenge of caring for a poinsettia long after Christmas in hopes of a second bloom next holiday.

Do poinsettias like to be misted?

Do I need to mist poinsettia plants? Because poinsettias originate in the hot climate of Mexico, they do enjoy a little humidity now and then which can be achieved with misting or using a pebble tray.

How do I save my poinsettia for next year?

After all the leaves have fallen, store the plant, in its pot, in a cool (50 to 60°F), dry, dark area. Keep the plant somewhat on the dry side; water only enough to keep the stems from withering.

How to choose and care for a poinsettia?

When choosing a poinsettia,look for ones that have dark green foliage and fully-colored bracts.

  • The best poinsettia plants are ones that are full and balanced.
  • Look for a poinsettia plant that is just starting to flower.
  • Avoid plants that have droopy or yellow leaves,or plants that are wilted with moist soil.
  • How to keep your Poinsettia alive all year?

    Water the poinsettia root mass a day before you transplant it.

  • 1 – 2 days after watering,remove the poinsettia from its current planter by turning it upside down while keeping one hand on the soil to hold the soil in
  • If there are any diseased roots,cut them off with a clean,sharp knife.
  • What is the best care for a poinsettia plant?

    Reduce the watering frequency from December to early spring

  • Prune the plant around April
  • Repot the poinsettia in a bigger pot and add new soil to it
  • Place the pot in a dimmer,drier,and cooler place with a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Bring it back into a sunny spot when new growth appears
  • Water the plant regularly from here on
  • How do you take care of poinsettias?

    Keep your plant in a bright window or under a grow light.

  • Allow your plant to dry out between waterings.
  • Fertilize your poinsettia with an all-purpose houseplant fertilizer at half the recommended strength about once a month as long as you continue to see new growth.
  • Check your plant for signs of insects and treat if necessary.