How do you spell genius in British English?

How do you spell genius in British English?

The correct spelling of the word is genius. There’s another word in English that might explain this common misspelling. Ingenious is an adjective that has a different but related meaning to genius.

Is genius spelled right?

Other users have misspelled genius as: jenis – 26.6% genious – 9.8% genilce – 2% genuis – 1.7%

What is the genius word?

genius • \JEEN-yus\ • noun. 1 : a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude 2 : extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity 3 : a person endowed with transcendent mental superiority; especially : a person with a very high IQ.

Is there a plural of genius?

(person of) consummate intellectual power. Plural geniuses (genii only for ‘spirit of place’).

What is the plural of genius?

genius /ˈʤiːnjəs/ noun. plural geniuses. genius.

Is it genius or a genius?

The normal plural is “geniuses”; “genii” is not used in everyday language. The word “genius” does come from Latin, but it’s gone through a long journey to get to English and its meaning has shifted quite a bit along the way. So it is pluralized according to the normal English pattern.

What is the plural for genius?

genius. /ˈʤiːnjəs/ noun. plural geniuses. Britannica Dictionary definition of GENIUS.

How do you call someone genius?

  1. brilliant person, mental giant, mastermind, Einstein, intellectual, intellect, brain, highbrow, expert, master, artist, polymath.
  2. prodigy, gifted child.
  3. idiot savant.
  4. informal egghead, brains, bright spark, whizz, wizard, ninja, alpha geek, walking encyclopedia.
  5. British informal brainbox, clever clogs, boffin.

How do you say someone is a genius?

Genius synonyms

  1. mastermind. A person responsible for the highest level of planning and execution of a major.
  2. maven. A person who has special knowledge or experience; an expert.
  3. brilliance. The quality of being exceptionally effulgent.
  4. brain. By analogy with a human brain, the part of a.
  5. prodigy.
  6. mental giant.
  7. intellect.
  8. whiz.

Why are there two spellings of favorite?

The Origins of the Two Spellings of Favorite. “Favorite” and “favourite” share a common backstory with other words in the English language. The word “color,” for example, is spelled with an “-or” ending in American English, while in British English it’s spelled “colour.” There are plenty of other examples: “flavor” and “flavour,” “honor”…

What are some examples of geniuses?

Noun Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were great scientific geniuses. You don’t have to be a genius to see that this plan will never work. He was a genius at handling the press. She’s now widely recognized as an artist of genius. He’s admired for his comic genius.

Is “favourite” a word?

We mentioned that favorite can also be used as an adjective. When we use it like that, favorite has only one meaning—“most liked” or “preferred”: Blue is Peter’s favorite color. He likes red, too, but not as much as blue. “Favorite” and “favourite” share a common backstory with other words in the English language.

What are some unique words that make you sound like a genius?

16 Unique English Words That’ll Make You Sound Like a Genius. 1 1. Flummox (ˈflə-məks) When you read this word, does it jump out and make you a little confused? If so, you were right to be confused and puzzled! 2 2. Dowdy (ˈdau̇-dē) 3 3. Howdy. 4 4. Nincompoop (ˈnin-kəm-ˌpüp) 5 5. Muesli (ˈmyüs-lē)