How do you solve a 3 digit division problem?

How do you solve a 3 digit division problem?

Divide the dividend’s first number (which is 3 in our example) by the divisor’s first number (1). 3 divided by 1 is 3. Then, we multiply our divisor (125) by 3 and see that it fits in (in other words, that it’s less than) the dividend’s 3 numbers. So, we place the result underneath the dividend’s 3 digits and subtract.

Can you divide 3 digit numbers?

There are two ways to divide a number with three digits by a number with one digit: long division and short division. Both ways involve the dividend, or the number inside the bracket, and the divisor, or the number on the outside of the bracket. Either way will give you the same correct answer.

How do you divide 3 digit?

Look at the first digit of the larger number. Write the problem as a long-division problem.

  • Look at the first two digits. Since you can’t fit a two-digit number into a one-digit number,we’ll look at the first two digits of the dividend instead,just
  • Use a little guesswork.
  • Write the answer above the last digit you used.
  • How do you do 3 digit multiplication?

    Write down the problem. Let’s say you’re multiplying 325 times 12.

  • Split up the smaller number into tens and ones. Keep 325 and split up 12 into 10 and 2.
  • Multiply the larger number by the number in the tens digit. Now,multiply 325 times 10.
  • Multiply the larger number by the number in the ones digit. Now,just multiply 325 by 2.
  • Add up the two products.
  • How do you do long division with 3 digits?

    – Place the divisor (476) before the division bracket and place the dividend (36542) under it. – Examine the first three digits of the dividend (365). – Multiply the 7 by 476 and place the result (3332) below the 3654 of the dividend.

    How to divide three digits?

    Divide a two-digit number into a three-digit number. With this free video math lesson, you’ll learn how to do long division with double and triple-digit numbers. With mathematics, as with anything else, not everyone progresses at the same rate. Basic math is no exception. Happily, in the age of Internet video tutorials, this isn’t a problem.