How do you say fly in different languages?

How do you say fly in different languages?

In other languages fly

  1. American English: fly /ˈflaɪ/
  2. Arabic: ذُبَابَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: mosca.
  4. Chinese: 苍蝇
  5. Croatian: muha.
  6. Czech: moucha.
  7. Danish: flue.
  8. Dutch: vlieg.

How do you say beautiful in 100 different languages?

Learning how to say beautiful in a lot of different languages provides creative options for expressing your appreciation of beauty….Six Languages With Gendered Words for Beautiful.

Language Feminine Word for Beautiful Masculine Word for Beautiful
Spanish hermosa hermoso
Portuguese bonita bonito
Russian krasivaya krasivyy

How do you say 20 in different languages?

Twenty is the number 20.

  1. American English: twenty /ˈtwɛnti/
  2. Arabic: عِشْرُون
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: vinte.
  4. Chinese: 二十
  5. Croatian: dvadeset.
  6. Czech: dvacet.
  7. Danish: tyve.
  8. Dutch: twintig.

How do you say kite in Guatemala?

Spanish Language Words for KITE

  1. barrilete. Used Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia (Caribbean), Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
  2. chichigua. In Dominican Republic.
  3. chiringa. In Puerto Rico and Cuba.
  4. cometa.
  5. lechuza.
  6. pandorga.
  7. papagayo.
  8. papalote.

How do you say soar in different languages?

In other languages soar

  1. American English: soar /ˈsɔr/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: disparar.
  3. Chinese: 急剧增加
  4. European Spanish: elevarse.
  5. French: monter en flèche.
  6. German: hochschnellen.
  7. Italian: salire alle stelle.
  8. Japanese: 急上昇する

How do you say classy in different languages?

In other languages classy

  1. American English: classy /ˈklæsi/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: classudo.
  3. Chinese: 有品位的
  4. European Spanish: elegante.
  5. French: classe.
  6. German: stilvoll.
  7. Italian: elegante.
  8. Japanese: しゃれた

How do you say seventy in French?

70 = soixante-dix In French, we actually say “sixty-ten” (60 + 10) to express seventy.