How do you make Nigerian white coconut rice?

How do you make Nigerian white coconut rice?

Cooking Directions

  1. Use the coconut to make some fresh Coconut Milk.
  2. Set some water in a pot to boil.
  3. When it boils, add the rice and cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes.
  4. Pour it out in a sieve to drain then quickly cool it down with water.
  5. Pour the coconut milk in a clean pot and set it on the stove to boil.

Why is my coconut rice mushy?

It’s essential for coconut rice because coconut milk is thicker than water so it can make the rice a gluey mess. Just rinse the rice until the water is pretty clear. It will never be 100% clear.

Is coconut rice good for health?

Interestingly, Coconut rice is highly nutritious. The coconut milk (extracted from the coconut) used in preparing the rice, is highly saturated fat, it is much healthier than other saturated fat products, and the fat is easily metabolized by the body.

How do you extract coconut milk from coconut rice?

How to make coconut milk

  1. take a fresh mature coconut and break it open.
  2. take the coconut grating in a blender jar.
  3. pour the contents in a bowl or pan lined with a thin muslin or fine strainer.
  4. the coconut milk will be strained.
  5. what you get now is the Thick coconut milk or the 1st extract.

How long do you boil rice?


  1. Add rice and water to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat.
  2. Simmer until water is completely absorbed and rice is tender – about 15-25 minutes (will depend on size and freshness of rice).

How do you fix gooey rice?

If your rice has absorbed too much liquid, the grains may have split and the starches may have given the rice a soft, gluey consistency. One way to fix that? Add even more liquid. Pour in some milk, a dash of vanilla, and spoonful of sugar, and suddenly your mushy rice is a rich rice pudding.

Can you eat overcooked rice?

Adding flavor to cooked rice is easy because the grain absorbs herbs, spices and liquids readily. Overcooked rice can however, pose a health hazard that includes nutrient depletion and increased risk of cancer.

How do you thicken up rice?

Here’s how to do this trick:

  1. Remove a part of the parchment paper that’s wide enough to cover the baking sheet.
  2. Scoop the soggy rice using a spoon, and put it on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  3. Spread the watery rice evenly.
  4. Put the baking sheet in the oven and heat the rice on low heat.

How to cook coconut rice?

Parboil the rice using the method detailed in parboiling rice for cooking coconut rice. Wash the parboiled rice and put in a sieve to drain. Now we need a pot big enough to accommodate the rice till it is done. Bear in mind that the rice will normally rise by at least one quarter of its quantity from the parboiled state to the done state.

How long to cook rice in the oven?

Add the onions and stir with black pepper for one minute. Add diced tomatoes, habaneros, and coconut milk with the sea salt and cover to cook for about 7 minutes (or when the mixture comes to a boil). Add the rice and stir and cover for about 7 minutes (or when the rice is almost dry).

How to cook rice with green peppers and rice?

Add the rice and stir and cover for about 7 minutes (or when the rice is almost dry). Add the green peppers and let simmer until the rice has absorbed all the juices. Enjoy! *note feel free to add more salt and pepper to your taste.

How to cook chicken stew with rice?

Pour the chicken stock, coconut milk and the tomato stew into the selected pot. Set on the stove to boil. Add the drained parboiled rice, salt and pepper to taste. If necessary, top up with water to bring the water level to the same level as the rice. This is to ensure that all the water dries up by the time the rice is cooked.