How do you give someone a werewolf bite in eso?

How do you give someone a werewolf bite in eso?

Make sure you have your Ultimate Ability “Werewolf Transformation” slotted and ready to go and turn yourself into a Werewolf. Place the target reticule over your desired target and you should see the “Press X Key” to devour.

Where can I get a werewolf bite?

The easiest way is to be bitten by another player is at one of the game’s Werewolf Shrines. These are located in Reaper’s March, The Rift and Bangkorai, see the maps below for their exact locations.

Should I lie to Moglurkgul?

You can either lie, which will let you keep the stone AND recruit Jakarn, or give the stone back and turn him in. NOTE: Your interaction with Moglurkgul will affect the events of Tip of the Spearhead. Return to Jakarn at the inn in Port Hunding to complete the quest.

What is a black werewolf?

The Black Werewolf is an aggressive mob that spawns in Forests, the Rock biome, and in Sequoia forests. It is nocturnal, only spawning at night. It’s a stronger version of the regular Werewolf. Like many other monsters, it will burn in the daylight.

Is it better to be a werewolf or vampire in eso?

The benefits of being a WW are only received when in form but same with the higher poison damage. The vampire line scales off magicka and spell damage. However, it’s passives benefit both magicka and stamina builds as they provide an increase in regen of both stats, sneak speed bonus and reduced damage at lower heal.

Is Jakarn a liar?

“Jakarn. He’s a liar and a thief. He stole a gem from Headman Bhosek.” The Vestige can then chose to lie and keep the gem or return it to Moglurkgul.

What happens if you give Helane the antidote?

When the Vestige chooses to give Helane the antidote, Lerisa will make bitter comments towards them about other ships getting wrecked. If the Vestige chooses to kill Helane themselves, Lerisa will say that many captains will be glad of these news.

What is the best race for werewolf eso?

Races that give you extra stamina and weapon damage are optimal for werewolves focusing on DPS, such as: Wood Elf (2000 stamina), Redguard (2000 stamina), Imperial (2000 stamina), Dark Elf (2000 stamina, 258 weapon damage), or Orc (1000 stamina, 258 weapon damage).

How do you become a werewolf in ESO?

How do I become a Werewolf in ESO? The easiest way to become a Werewolf is to ask for a “Werewolf bite”, you can ask a friend or a guild, often someone will bite you for free. You can also try to get infected by Werewolf NPCs in a specific location, though that is way more complicated than just asking someone in a guild to get a bite.

Is there another way to get a werewolf bite?

I been trying to help a friend get a werewolf bite without having to spend any money in the crown store, is there not another way to get a bite? Yeah if you’re at a shrine in the rift or repears you have the werewolf transform and he should be able to press the synergy button and infect the person

What is the best damage source for a werewolf?

Light Attacks are the main source of damage for Werewolves. The Light Attacks deal a lot of damage and also keep inflicting bleeding on enemies and keep procing the enchantments you have on your weapons.

Where can I find werewolves?

You can also find the NPC Werewolves when they spawn on a Full Moon. They spawn only in one zone in each faction. For instance they spawn in Bangkorai and The Rift …can’t remember the name of the other faction’s spawn zone.