How do you get to the Isle of Pines?

How do you get to the Isle of Pines?

As an island, there are only two ways into the Isle of Pines; by air and by sea. Air Calédonie, the country’s domestic flag carrier, operates three to five flights each day of the week between Nouméa’s Magenta domestic airport and Isle of Pines’ airport in the island’s interior.

Can you stay on Isle of Pines?

Accommodation on the Isle of Pines You’ll have the choice of staying in a hotel, campsite or a stay in locals’ homes on our booking platform, guaranteeing you a stay in complete and utter serenity.

What country does Isle of Pines belong to?

New Caledonia
The Isle of Pines (French: Île des Pins; name in Kanak language Kwênyii: Kunyié) is an island in the Pacific Ocean, in the archipelago of New Caledonia, an overseas collectivity of France. The island is part of the commune (municipality) of L’Île-des-Pins, in the South Province of New Caledonia.

How do I get from Noumea to Isle of Pines?

Transportation to Isle of Pines from Noumea

  1. Plane: The quickest and best way is to fly from Noumea’s Domestic airport (Magenta) with Air Caledonie.
  2. Ferry: A cheap (but slow) way to get there is to take the ferry over.

Can you fly to the Isle of Pines?

To reach the Isle of Pines from main island, Noumea, you have two options: By plane: from Noumea Magenta Airport, it is possible to reach the Isle of Pines via Air Caledonie flights. The average flight time from Noumea to the Isle of Pines is 40 minutes. Book your domestic flight.

What language do they speak in Isle of Pines?

The people of New Caledonia categorise themselves into two cultural groups, the Kanaks and the Caldoche. The Kanaks are of Melanesian heritage, while the Caldoche are of European heritage. While French is the official language, there are 28 Kanak languages spoken on the islands and many dialects of each language.

Where is Amedee?

Amedee Island is a tiny coral atoll located just 18 kilometres south of Noumea.

How do you say hello in Kanak?

Although many Kanak languages are spoken across the archipelago, French is the official language of New Caledonia….Greetings

  1. To greet someone – bonjour.
  2. To thank someone – merci.
  3. To say goodbye – au revoir.

What does Amedee mean?

lover (of God)
French (Amédée): from a personal name meaning ‘lover (of God)’, which became current in France in the 15th century, having been borne by a succession of counts and dukes of Savoy, especially Amadeus (Amédée) VIII (1383–1451).