How do you get to lindblum Harbor?

How do you get to lindblum Harbor?

Go back to the castle and take the lift down to Base Level and ride the trolley to Serpent’s Gate, where you must head south to reach the Harbor and board the Blue Narciss. Don’t forget to pick up the Chimera Armlet from the chest at the landing point for Serpent’s Gate.

Where is the Tantalus hideout?

The Tantalus Hideout is located through the doorway on the left side of the screen but you should skip past it first. Travel south down the stairs leading to the right. There is a crowd of people gathered in front of the Feugert Memorial Theater entrance – talk to the “Fan Club Chairman” (the one wearing purple).

How do I leave lindblum castle?

Watch the next Active Time Event (“My Hammer”) and then exit Lindblum Castle by riding the elevator to the Mid Level and catching the Air Cab to the Business District.

Where is the inn in lindblum ff9?

In the Business District, you can buy all the items and weapons that you need. This is the only access point to the outside area of Lindblum above the Mist. There is the Inn as well, where you can rest for a small fee.

How do I get to Burmecia ff9?


  1. When you arrive at the entrance to South Gate (Steiner is holding a huge bag), search the lower left corner for a chest containing a Multina Racket.
  2. Immediately North-East of Gizamaluke’s Grotto you will find an archway, North Gate.
  3. Head for Burmecia to the north.

Where can I get bomb ff9?

Data. The Bomb is a flying enemy from Final Fantasy IX found in the forests of Lindblum and Alexandria plateaus. A Bomb is also encountered on-board the M.S. Prima Vista along with Steiner.

How do I get to the Outer Continent ff9?

It is first reached through the underground tunnel of Fossil Roo which is an ancient tunnel which runs to the south coast of the continent from an excavation site north of Lindblum on the Mist Continent.

How do I get to the Outer continent ff9?

What continent is Lindblum on?

Lindblum is one out of three major nations on the Mist Continent, the other two being Alexandria and Burmecia. For centuries, the continent was plagued by wars between nations, particularly between Lindblum and Alexandria.

What is the 4th District in Lindblum?

Regarded as the fourth district, Lindblum Grand Castle is an impressive structure with walls surrounding the entire city. It is home to Regent Cid, the ruler of Lindblum. It has a large airship dock, which houses the Lindblum air force. The castle is located in central Lindblum and consists of three levels.

Can you build Lindblum in one year?

Lindblum is a realistic european city with classic city centers and modern expansions like the airport or the financial district. This city is build in one year and you can see the complete development process in the Spielerheim Forum []. Lindblum needs only 15 Mods and 520 Assets.

Who is the next character to join your team in Lindblum?

Zidane will leave the castle to head down into the Business District of Lindblum where he will run into an old friend – and the next character to join your team. Her default name is Freya and she will be referred to as such throughout this walkthrough.