How do you get Excel to return a value based on another cell?

How do you get Excel to return a value based on another cell?

Excel: formula to return a value based on another cells value

  1. If the cell contains 1111, then place F2mg in another column cell, or,
  2. If the cell contains 2222, then place M3TNT in that other column cell, and so on.

How do I return an exact match in Excel?

The Excel EXACT function compares two text strings, taking into account upper and lower case characters, and returns TRUE if they are the same, and FALSE if not. EXACT is case-sensitive. text1 – The first text string to compare.

How do you match two cells to return a value?

  1. Go to cell E2 and enter the formula =IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(D2,$A$2:$A$20,0)),INDEX(Sheet5!$B$2:$B$20,MATCH(Sheet5!
  2. Press ENTER key to get the matching content on the E2.
  3. Copy the formula to the rest of the cells using the Autofill feature or drag the fill handle down to cells you want to copy the formula.
  4. Press ENTER key.

Why does match return #value?

Problem: The formula has not been entered as an array If you are using INDEX as an array formula along with MATCH in order to be able to retrieve a value, you will need to convert your formula into an array formula, otherwise you will see a #VALUE!

How do you match two columns in Excel and return a value from another column?

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Select the entire data set.
  2. Click the Home tab.
  3. In the Styles group, click on the ‘Conditional Formatting’ option.
  4. Hover the cursor on the Highlight Cell Rules option.
  5. Click on Duplicate Values.
  6. In the Duplicate Values dialog box, make sure ‘Duplicate’ is selected.
  7. Specify the formatting.

What is the Len formula in Excel?

The Excel LEN function returns the length of a given text string as the number of characters. LEN will also count characters in numbers, but number formatting is not included. Get the length of text. Number of characters. =LEN (text)

How do you match 2 columns in Excel and return a value?

How do you match 3 columns in Excel and return a value?

4 Ways to Compare Three Columns in Excel and Return a Value

  1. Using VLOOKUP. You can use the VLOOKUP function to compare three columns in Excel along with returning a value.
  2. Using INDEX and MATCH. We can use the INDEX function with the MATCH function to compare three columns.
  3. Using IF.
  4. Using SUMPRODUCT.

How to find out if exact match in Excel?

MATCH returns the position of the matched value within lookup_array,not the value itself.

  • MATCH does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters when matching text values.
  • If MATCH is unsuccessful in finding a match,it returns the#N/A error value.
  • How to find and replace exact match in Excel?

    Excel has excellent built-in Find and Find & Replace tools. They can be activated with the shortcuts CTRL + F (Find) or CTRL + H (Replace) or through the Ribbon: Home > Editing > Find & Select. By clicking Options, you can see advanced search options: You can easily access both the Find and Replace methods using VBA.

    How do you find a match in Excel?

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    How to return multiple values in Excel?

    Return Multiple Lookup Values In One Comma Separated Cell ; In Excel, we can apply the VLOOKUP function to return the first matched value from a table cells, but, sometimes, we need to extract all matching values and then separated by a specific delimiter, such as comma, dash, etc… into a single cell as following screenshot shown.