How do you do double tracked vocals?

How do you do double tracked vocals?

Popular ways to implement vocal double tracking include:

  1. Manually recording the same vocal line multiple times into separate tracks.
  2. Copy/pasting a vocal track and adjust the timing slightly to stagger the tracks, creating a chorus effect.

Should you always double track vocals?

Double Track Vocals Even If You Don’t Think You’ll Use It. If time allows, always tracking a vocal double is a great practice. If time and budget allow, it’s always worth taking a portion of the tracking session to double the vocals.

Where do you pan for doubled vocals?

For example, if you have a lead vocal with backup vocals panned out to the sides that will cancel each other out in mono, just add an extra low-level, centered doubled vocal underneath your lead vocal so that there’s a background vocal still present in mono.

Should I pan backing vocals?

If your mix is center heavy, panning the vocals hard left and right will give you more width. If you have group vocals with each part layered, an effective strategy to make them sound full and balanced is to pan them symmetrically so that each side of the harmony vocal submix is a mirror image of the other.

How should vocals be panned?

If your track has lead vocals pan them center as well. Experiment with panning duplicates of effected vocals to the left or right. But as a general rule lead vocals should always be panned center.

How can I make my vocals sound better on GarageBand?

It might be a better idea to make use of GarageBand’s more advanced built in compressor for your vocal tracks – the extra control and flexibility available to you can really help your vocals sound more professional. Quick reminder; you can find GarageBand’s ‘advanced’ Compressor in the SmartControl’s ‘Plugins’ menu.

Is it possible to make a single vocal part sound double‑tracked?

Numerous attempts have been made to find a process that can be applied to a single vocal part to make it sound double‑tracked. Some have proved reasonably successful, and others that failed on a technical level have become effects in their own right.

How can I make a fake double-tracking sound?

PSP Audioware’s Lexicon PSP42 can be used to create very short, bright modulated delays, that give a rich, textured effect similar to ‘authentic’ ADT. If you have a DAW and a basic set of plug‑ins, you should be able to combine them to find your own recipe for fake double‑tracking.

Is it easier to solo or mix a vocal track?

While it might seem easier at first to solo that Vocal track and work on mixing it without any other instruments or sounds in the way, you’ll undoubtedly run into trouble when you move on to the rest of the tracks in your project.