How do you dilute MG132?

How do you dilute MG132?

Once MG-132 is solubilized, dilute 1 in 100 using sterile culture medium to obtain a solution at 200 µg/ml (420 µM). Do not store dilutions for more than one day.

What is MG132 used for?

Carbobenzoxy-l-leucyl-l-leucyl-l-leucinal (MG132) is a peptide aldehyde proteasome inhibitor, impeding tumor progression through inactivating NF-κB signaling. In breast cancer cells, treatment with paclitaxel and MG132 suppressed aggressive phenotypes more effectively than with paclitaxel alone.

Is cycloheximide toxic?

The fungicide cycloheximide is extremely toxic and no longer available. Following parenteral administration, cycloheximide has been shown to cause skeletal defects and dactyly in mice. Polycarbacin was embryotoxic and induced malformations.

Does cycloheximide inhibit bacterial growth?

Cycloheximide is an antibiotic produced by Streptomyces griseus. It inhibits the growth of fungi1,2, algae3, protozoa4 and higher plants5, but has no effect on bacterial growth1.

What is the function of MG132?

MG132, also known as carbobenzoxy-Leu-Leu-leucinal, is a peptide aldehyde which plays a vital role in the inhibition of proteolytic activity of the 26S proteasome complex. MG132 retards the growth of HeLa cells by promoting cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.

What is the minimum concentration of MG132 needed to inhibit proteasomes?

10um MG132 for 4 hrs will be sufficient. in some cell lines I noticed that even 5uM for 4 hours is enough. Just make a little calibration with different concentration of MG132 and use poly-Ub K48 antibody in western blot in order to confirm the inhibition of proteasome

Is it safe to use MG1 um MG132 for 24h?

1 uM MG132 for 24h is fine in 293T cells in my hands. The cells may look not as healthy as non-treated, but depending on the readout, it may be still useful. Hi, I want to ask please about the time of using, as I understood you need to optimise the dose of the MG 123 before using. My question is do you treat the cells after or before transfection?

What is MG-132 ready made solution?

MG-132, Ready Made Solution is supplied as a 10 mM (1 mg/210 μL) 0.2 μm-filtered solution in DMSO. Our team of scientists has experience in all areas of research including Life Science, Material Science, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Analytical and many others.