How do you create an MLGW account?

How do you create an MLGW account?

Register today at You’ll need a copy of your bill to enter the 16-digit MLGW account number and 6-digit My Account Access code, shown in the blue column on page 1.)

How do I download my MLGW bill?

Screenshots show the Analyze button on the My Bills home tab (below left) and the download functions on the Bill Analysis screen (below right). If you require more detailed instructions on using the C&I Billing history function, contact MLGW’s Commercial Resource Center to request the PDF.

Where do I find my MLGW account number?

I don’t have my account number with me. How can I get it? You can either call MLGW’s Customer Care Center at (901) 544-6549 or e-mail your request to [email protected]. Please be prepared to provide additional information about your account and residence for verification purposes.

Where can I pay my MLGW bill?

You can pay your bill at any one of the five MLGW Community Offices. The offices are open Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, to serve you. If paying by check or money order, be sure to write your 16-digit MLGW account number to ensure proper posting to your account.

Does Arlington use MLGW?

– Town vehicle and equipment maintenance; – Upkeep and maintenance of all Town facilities; The provision of electricity, gas, and potable water is currently handled by Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division (MLGW).

What is MLGW account access code?

If you have questions, please contact MLGW. My Account Access Code: 145748 1−888−589−4868 Pay By Phone! Pay Online! If paying in person, please present both portions of bill.

Where can I pay my MLGW bill in Memphis TN?

Where can I pay my MLGW Bill?

– Select ‘Billing’ – Choose your energy account (if you pay for each fuel separately) – Choose ‘Send me my bill’ – You should get a copy of your bill within ten working days.

How to print MLGW Bill?

– Pay at the Teller Windows at any MLGW Community Office (Bring your cut-off notice) – Pay online using our My Account Electronic bill payment service – Submit an online Payment Arrangement request

What is the bill pay payment guarantee?

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What are bill payment services?

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