How do you cheat on Fruit ninja?

How do you cheat on Fruit ninja?

Fruit Ninja Cheats

  1. Bamboo Shoot / Blade- Play a full game of Zen Mode every day for 5 days.
  2. Butterfly Knife / Blade- Get a combo with a Strawberry 40 times.
  3. Disco Blade / Blade- Slice 50 Bananas.
  4. Flame Blade / Blade- Get a combo in Zen Mode after the timer stops.
  5. Ice Blade / Blade- Slice 20 Freeze Bananas in Arcade Mode.

How do you get more money on Clumsy Ninja?

Clumsy Ninja – How to Get More Diamonds and Coins

  1. Train as much as you can and keep using the best items.
  2. Undertake quests, and as many as possible.
  3. Level up and get money making animals.
  4. Don’t forget the daily bonus!
  5. Be a wise spender.
  6. Show them some nickel, spend a bit of real money.

What is the fastest way to level up in Clumsy Ninja?

Clumsy Ninja – How to Get More XP and Level Up Faster

  1. Go for as many balloons as possible.
  2. Keep mastering a training item.
  3. Don’t leave out any types of actions.
  4. Do all the fun stuff.
  5. Play regularly, preferably once an hour.
  6. Quests are not all bad for the Clumsy Ninja.

How do you get a banana in Fruit Ninja?

How do you get more bananas in Fruit Ninja Arcade?

  1. Slice Fruits at the top of the Dojo.
  2. Slice With the Autumn Gust Blade.
  3. Select the Great Wave Dojo For Arcade Mode.
  4. Always go for the Bananas in Arcade Mode.
  5. Drop Fruit to Miss Bombs in Classic Mode.
  6. Short Swipe Pomegranates.

How do you get all the blades in Fruit Ninja?

What does the chicken do in Clumsy Ninja?

The chicken lays eggs that give 50 coins each per hour. You can buy a larger coop (at level 25) so the chicken’s eggs can give you 550 coins. You can buy an even larger coop (called the chicken mansion) that gives you 1,400 coins per egg!

What happens when you reach level 99 in clumsy ninja?

Level up to level 99 and through your journey, you will find Kira. Also you will be given tasks to get your belt. Automatically, there is a scene where Clumsy Ninja stands up and pays attention. Then Sensei rewards your hard work with the belt.

What does the chicken do in clumsy ninja?

Does Clumsy Ninja have a sister?

In a new update of the game, Kira was finally added along with her younger sister, Lily.

Who is the girl in Clumsy Ninja?

Kira is one of the students of Sensei, and she is Lily’s sister in the game. For most of the game, she is missing, and you have to search for her. She finally turns up at level 52, though.