How do you activate cheats on Call of Duty 2?

How do you activate cheats on Call of Duty 2?

Cheat Codes Select “Game Options” at the main menu, then choose the option to enable the console. Press ~ (tilde) to display the console window then enter developer 1 as a command to enable cheat mode. The “Load” button will now appear. Click it and select the desired level.

How do you cheat in Bonetown?

Press Shift + ‘~’ to open and close the console….BoneTown Console Commands.

vegasbaby(gamechar); Gives you $99999 dollars.
alloftheabove(gamechar); Gives you 100 of each substance and $99999 dollars.
goodtimes(gamechar); Gives you 100 of each substance.
godlike(gamechar); Makes you invincible.

How do you cheat in Call of Duty codes?

Cheat List. Place this string +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0 to the end of the command line in the shortcut to the Call of Duty game executable (cod.exe or something like that). Press the tilde key while playing to drop the dev-console to enter cheats.

How do I show fps in CoD2?

cg_drawFPS [0,1,2,3] – Displays the frames per second (FPS) counter at the top right of the screen. In simple mode (1) shows the average and current (low and high) FPS.

How do you save in BoneTown?

When you enter a safe area, except the pickup truck, the game saves. If you want to force the save, press pause, go to system, and click on save.

Can cod 2 have zombies?

This article is more than 2 years old. franchise. Infinity Ward has confirmed that this year’s Call Of Duty will not have a Zombies mode. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will still have a co-op mode alongside its campaign and competitive multiplayer, but the developer is taking a more cohesive approach to these three modes.

What are the cheats for Commando 2?


  • WKUC4
  • YSM51
  • B7D8F
  • 3GHSL
  • AZLM1
  • UN63A
  • VAZ2P
  • 9TT5W
  • How to mod cod 2?

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  • What are the cheats for Modern Warfare 2?

    – Artic camo – Get 50 one-shot kills with sniper rifles – Urban camo – Get 100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles – Desert camo – Get 200 one-shot kills with sniper rifles