How do I use AJAX Toolkit?

How do I use AJAX Toolkit?

Create a new ASP.NET page named ShowEditor. aspx. Select the ScriptManager control from beneath the AJAX Extensions tab in the toolbox and drag the control onto the page. Select the Editor control from beneath the AJAX Control Toolkit tab in the toolbox and drag the control onto the page (see Figure 1).

How do I add AJAX Control Toolkit in ASPX page?

Adding the AJAX Control Toolkit to the Toolbox

  1. Create a new ASP.NET Website by selecting the menu option File, New Website. Double-click the Default.
  2. Right-click the Toolbox beneath the General Tab and select the menu option Add Tab (see Figure 4).
  3. Enter a new tab named AJAX Control Toolkit.

How do I enable AJAX ToolBox extensions?

Install AJAX Control Toolkit in Visual Studio ToolBox

  1. Download and Copy the AJAX Control Toolkit DLL.
  2. Add a New Tab in ToolBox.
  3. Set a suitable name for the Tab.
  4. Choose Items for the ToolBox.

What are the AJAX controls in asp net?

Basic Controls of ASP.NET AJAX

  • ScriptManager. The ScriptManager manages all ASP.NET AJAX resources on a web page.
  • ScriplManagerProxy. A page can have only one ScriptManager control.
  • Timer. Timer Control is used to perform postbacks at defined time intervals.
  • UpdatePanel.
  • UpdateProgress.

What is AJAX control toolkit used for?

Ajax Control Toolkit is an open source library for web development. The Ajax Control toolkit contains highly rich web development controls for creating responsive and interactive AJAX enabled web applications. ASP.Net Ajax Control Toolkit contains 40 + ready controls which is easy to use for fast productivity.

Which of the following controls of AJAX accept?

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Que. All of the following are controls of Ajax except
b. ScriptManagerProxy
c. UpdateData
d. UpdatePanel

What is AJAX toolkit in Salesforce?

The AJAX Toolkit provides the ability to handle errors for synchronous and asynchronous calls.

What is synchronous request in AJAX?

What is Synchronous Ajax? Synchronous Ajax request is the process in which execution of the request stops until a response is received and Asynchronous Ajax request means the script continue the process without waiting for the server to reply. It will handle the reply if it arrives.