How do I set my stop-motion camera?

How do I set my stop-motion camera?

Stop-Motion Tips

  1. Set up the camera on a sturdy tripod so that the camera doesn’t move during the entire shooting process.
  2. Frame up the shot so that you can see the subject(s), and lock the tripod down firmly.
  3. Because you don’t want the exposure or focus to change, set them both manually.

How do I connect my phone to my Dragonframe camera?

Android 7.0+ (ARM): Install Dragonframe Tether through the Google Play app store….Instructions:

  1. Launch Dragonframe software on the computer.
  2. Create a new scene or open an existing scene.
  3. Launch the DF Tether app on your Android or iOS device.
  4. Press the app’s Help button and follow the instructions.

Why is my camera not connecting to Dragonframe?

The USB cable is too long. The USB cable is defective. The USB port on the computer/hub or camera is damaged. The power supply to the camera is interrupted.

How do I connect my Dragonframe keyboard?

Setup Instructions – Windows

  1. Find the Bluetooth icon in the toolbar, right-click it, and choose Add a Bluetooth Device.
  2. Turn your Dragonframe Bluetooth Controller over:
  3. The keypad should appear as “Bluetooth Keypad” in the Manage Bluetooth Devices list.
  4. Select the keypad and press the Pair button.

How do I enable live view in Dragonframe?

The live view is black

  1. Make sure the lens cap is off. 😉
  2. Increase the shutter speed (to at least 1″).
  3. Open the aperture (go to a lower number). If you have a manual lens then open it up all the way.
  4. Increase the ISO.
  5. Increase the amount of light in the room.

How do you turn on the onion skin in Dragonframe 4?

Select Open Scene. Once Dragonframe is open, select your last frame and adjust the Onion Skin Opacity Slider. With the Onion Skin Opacity Slider, moved the red dot midway to the right. Place your animation drawing that you used for the frame and align your artwork in Live-View.