How do I remove a promotion on eBay?

How do I remove a promotion on eBay?

To stop promoting a listing at any time from Seller Hub Active Listings – opens in new window or tab:

  1. Select the Actions dropdown menu beside the listing.
  2. Select Edit promoted listing.
  3. Select Stop promoting.
  4. Select Edit promoted listing to save your changes.

How do I remove a scheduled listing from eBay?

How to end a scheduled listing?

  1. Go to your scheduled items.
  2. Choose the listing you want to change.
  3. Select Reschedule to change the date and time or Delete to cancel the listing.

How do I change my variation name on eBay?

@anitasarts Sorry but you can’t change the name of a variation in a live listing. You would have to end the listing then create new variations before you relist.

What does it mean to revise a listing on eBay?

An item that is still active on the eBay site may be changed by the seller. This is known as revising an item. When an item is revised, the seller can specify a new value for one or multiple elements of the item’s definition or remove an element.

How do I get rid of variations on Amazon?

Select a variation group you need to edit and click the edit icon on the right side in the variation row: In the Edit Variation Group screed select the item(s) you need to remove and click the delete icon, then click Save.

How do you do multiple items on eBay?

To create bulk listings with the new listing tool.

  1. Select Edit all options beside Pricing.
  2. Select Buy It Now.
  3. Select Quantity and enter the number of items you’re selling.
  4. Complete the rest of your listing and select Done.

What is non secure HTTP content?

If we have listings that contain non-secure HTTP content, the browsers used by almost half of all eBay buyers—will begin displaying the message “Not Secure” in the address bar. This will happen when users visit standard HTTP pages or HTTPS pages that include non-secure HTTP content.