How do I register as an architect in South Australia?

How do I register as an architect in South Australia?

Search for architects or architectural businesses registered in South Australia. Application forms for registering as an architect or architectural business can be downloaded (go to the Architects page). Please complete the required form/s and post to the APBSA Office.

Do architects need to be registered in Australia?

The use of the title ‘Architect’ is strictly regulated in every State and Territory in Australia, as well as many countries overseas. It is reserved by law in New South Wales and penalties apply for individuals, corporations and firms who misrepresent as architects or offer architectural services while not registered.

Can I call myself an architectural designer Australia?

I have a degree in architecture can I call myself an Architect? No, It is the law in South Australia, as in the other states and territories of Australia, that only people who are registered as architects may use the title “architect” or description such as “architectural” which derive from it.

Are architects required to be registered?

By law, anyone who describes themselves as an architect when involved in designing or constructing buildings must be properly qualified, insured and registered with us.

How do I become a qualified architect?

How to become an architect

  1. a degree recognised by the Architects Registration Board (ARB)
  2. a year of practical work experience.
  3. a further 2 years’ full-time university course like BArch, Diploma, MArch.
  4. a year of practical training.
  5. a final qualifying exam.

What is AACA accreditation?

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) is responsible for setting the standards of recognition of academic qualifications and approval of overseas qualifications.

Is architect a protected title?

It can only be used by someone who is on the Architects Register. Only ‘architect’ is protected in this way, the protection doesn’t apply to terms like ‘architectural consultant’ or ‘architectural assistant’.

Can I use architecture in my company name?

Use of the word architect in a company name is protected. Companies that wish to use the word ‘ARCHITECT’ in the company name, will require permission form the Architects Registration Board (ARB).

Who can call themselves an architect?

It can only be used in business or practice by someone who has had the education, training and experience needed to join the Architects Register and become an architect. Businesses can only use ‘architect’ in their name if there is an architect in control and management of all of the architectural work.

Do architects have to be registered with RIBA?

All architects must be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB), with most taking up RIBA membership also. If an individual is without either credential then they may be operating unregulated, providing you with no guarantees of their ability to deliver the service you require.

Who is the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia?

Welcome to the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia The Architectural Practice Board of South Australia is the statutory authority responsible for administering the Architectural Practice Act 2009 (the Act). On this website you can Find out about the role of the Board in maintaining high standards of architectural services

How do I renew my registration with the architectural board of SA?

Here registrants with the Architectural Practice Board of SA can log on to your registration profile, renew registration and pay the renewal fee, make changes to your contact details including email and postal address, and update information held on the Register of Architects and Register of Architectural Businesses in South Australia.

What are my legal rights as an architect in South Australia?

You will be entitled to provide architectural services in South Australia and to use the term ‘Architect’ and its derivatives as part of your practice. You may register under one of the following categories:

What is the NSW Architects Registration Board doing to support Architects?

In 2020-2021, the Board continued to provide support to architects through a range of initiatives, learn more about these here. The Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, The Hon. Kevin Anderson, has approved the appointment of six Board members to the NSW Architects Registration Board in accordance with the Architects Act 2003 Section 60.