How do I map a controller in Traktor?

How do I map a controller in Traktor?

Creating a Generic MIDI Mapping

  1. Connect your controller and power it up.
  2. Launch TRAKTOR.
  3. Open the Preferences menu and go to Controller Manager.
  4. Click on the Add…
  5. This will create an empty MIDI mapping named Generic MIDI.
  6. Set the values for In-Port and Out-Port to the corresponding MIDI port name of your controller.

How do you use modifiers in Traktor?


  1. Step 1: In Traktor’s Controller Manager, create a new mapping by clicking “Add…” and select “Generic MIDI.” Have a MIDI controller ready and plugged into your computer via USB.
  2. Step 2: Click “Add In…” and go down to select “Modifier” and then any Modifier #.

How do I add TSI to Traktor?


  1. Launch Traktor, open the Preferences, and click on the Controller Manager Tab,
  2. Under Device Setup, click the Add button and select from the pull down menu Import TSI > Import Other.
  3. Navigate to Traktor’s settings folder and select the TSI file you want to install.

Was kann ni Kontrol X1 für Traktor 3?

TRAKTOR PRO 3 ! NI Kontrol X1 + Filter FX + Reverse Play Nur für Traktor 3. NI Kontrol X1 kann neue Features steuern! Just for Traktor Pro 3.

What mapping do you use with your X1?

I’m using X1 mapping v1.4 with Novation Dicer mapping v0.2 together. Zip-File contains 2 NHL- and 1 Midi-Mapping for X1. This mapping is useful in combination with for example a Kontrol S2 or other controllers without controls for FX3 & 4.

How do you use X1 control?

Control 4 decks and 2 fx units with a single X1. four layers of controls. The first, with shift and hotcue buttons off everything works as normal. With Shift on (set shift to toggle and midi control (shift + hotcue) off) is effect select top to knobs on deck b (set deck b to chained) and filter button, deck a is dry wet knob.filters on ect.