How do I know what size my iPad is?

How do I know what size my iPad is?

Look on the back of your iPad. Open Settings and tap About. Look for the model number in the top section.

How do I measure my iPad for a case?

The best way to know what size iPad you have is to measure the lit screen diagonally from corner to corner. This will tell you the size.

What size case should I get for my iPad?


  1. 1 Look on the back of your iPad.
  2. 2 Toward the bottom, look for the “iPad” label. You’ll find the model number and serial number in this small text, and on older models, your iPad’s storage capacity.

What is the iPad Smart Cover?

Overview. The Smart Cover for iPad is constructed from a single piece of polyurethane to protect the front of your device. It automatically wakes your iPad when opened and puts it to sleep when closed.

What are the best iPad cases?

Folio. A folio case protects the iPad like the front cover of a book.

  • Shell. Available in plastic,polycarbonate,polyurethane,silicone,and other rugged materials,a shell case goes over the back and around the sides of the iPad.
  • Sleeve. These simple,soft cases protect your iPad and keep it from getting scratched inside your bag or backpack.
  • What is the best iPad cover?

    Multi-purpose protector magnetic case from Zugu

  • Innovative soft-edge bumper case
  • Keyboard cases that feature iPad-compatible trackpad
  • Designer tri-fold case available in almost over 260 variants
  • Heavy-duty cases for adults and kids
  • Several examples of floral designs
  • Multifunctional,waterproof sleeves with US accessories
  • What is the best case for iPad?

    Apple Smart Folio. While it’s far from cheap – especially considering it’s made from polyurethane rather than leather – the Apple Smart Folio is an impressive piece of kit.

  • Casemade Leather Case. We were disappointed that Apple don’t make a leather iPad case but we got over it.
  • JETech Case.
  • OtterBox Defender.
  • Apple Smart Keyboard Folio.
  • What is the best protective case for iPad?

    Apple iPad Smart Cover.

  • Caseable iPad Smart Cover.
  • Case-Mate Tuxedo Folio.
  • Casteify iPad Folio.
  • Fintie Folio Case.
  • Fintie Vegan Leather Folio.
  • Griffin Survivor AirStrap 360.
  • Incipio Faraday for iPad.
  • JETech iPad Stand Case.
  • MoKo Shockproof iPad Case.