How do I get the radio code for my Ford 6000cd?

How do I get the radio code for my Ford 6000cd?

How to enter your Ford 6000 CD radio code

  1. Turn on the radio and make sure you read CODE.
  2. Press button 1 until the first digit of the code appears on the screen.
  3. Repeat the process with button 2, 3 and 4 to enter the remaining digits.
  4. Press button 5 to submit the code. The music should start playing.

How do I find my Ford radio code?

How To Find Your Ford Radio Code Online

  1. Press and hold the preset buttons 1 & 6 or 2 & 6 then turn the unit on.
  2. Let go of the preset buttons once the unit is powered up.
  3. Look for the serial number beginning with V or M followed by six numbers.
  4. If you have the serial number use this radio code search form.

How do I unlock my Ford radio 4000 RDS?

Enter Ford 4000 RDS code

  1. Turn your 4500 RDS unit switch to ON and ensure it reads CODE.
  2. Press button 1 repeatedly until you see the first digit of the code.
  3. Repeat the process with rest of buttons 2, 3 and 4.
  4. To confirm the code, press button 5. Enjoy the music!

How do you unlock a locked Ford radio?

In most cases, getting another radio unit is the best solution….To reset the Locked status (which appears when you enter wrong code ten times), try this:

  1. Ensure your radio is OFF.
  2. Hold the button 6.
  3. Turn the radio ON.
  4. Keep holding button 6 for 10 seconds.

How do I get the radio code for my mk6 transit?

How to get my Ford Transit radio code? To get your free security code, find and enter the serial number on the unlock box and select the free delivery option. After 24 hours you will receive an email with your code as promised.

How can I get the code to unlock my car stereo?

How to Find the Radio Code to Unlock a Car Stereo

  1. Check Your Owner’s Manual. The best place to locate a radio code is in the owner’s manual of your car.
  2. Visit the Manufacturer’s Website.
  3. Visit your Local Dealership.
  4. Contact a Local Automotive Audio Installation Center.

What is the security code for a Ford Mondeo radio?

Ford Mondeo radio code by model. Get the original security code for your Ford Mondeo car radio. 6000 CD code. Newer 6000 CD code. SONY code. 4000RDS code. 5000RDS E-O-N code. TravelPilot FX code.

Does the Mondeo 6000 CD work on a Ford navigation?

It works for any model in Mondeo cars such as 6000 CD (2004 – 2007), Sony (2005 – 2007), Ford Navigation (2008 – 2011), 4000, 5000 RDS (1999 – 2002), etc. All the codes generated are 100% genuine and working.

How do I find the serial number on a Ford 4500 radio?

Turn on your 4500 RDS unit and hold down buttons 2 and 6 until you see the serial number appear. Example: M123456 The serial number of any Ford radio model can be found on the label attached to the radio box.