How do I get SmartMusic for free?

How do I get SmartMusic for free?

Getting SmartMusic for Free Check out the icons in the upper right corner. Select the Begin Teacher Trial button to experience the full breadth of SmartMusic’s library and features FREE for 30 days.

Do students pay for SmartMusic?

SmartMusic offers a subscription for every type of user, whether you are a teacher, a student, a performer, a school, or an entire school district.

Who owns SmartMusic?

Earlier today, SmartMusic’s parent company Peaksware, announced that Alfred Music, the world’s largest educational music publisher, will be joining its portfolio of companies. This is very exciting news for us at MakeMusic.

How do I get music on SmartMusic?

To find and open music using Browse

  1. Tap to view the classic SmartMusic home screen.
  2. Use the carousel to view a featured category or tap a genre. The recommended pieces appear.
  3. Tap the title to download the piece onto your iPad.

What happened to SmartMusic?

Classic SmartMusic has retired. As of August 31, 2020, Classic SmartMusic is no longer accessible. Learn more. Haven’t tried web-based SmartMusic yet? Give it a spin with a free 30 day trial!

What is SmartMusic app?

SmartMusic is a web-based suite of music education tools and home to the largest interactive and digital music libraries.

Does SmartMusic auto renew?

Control subscription renewal status – you can chose to early renew or cancel automatic renewals. Manage Student Subscriptions – ‘revert’ subscriptions from your graduating class to summer students.

Who owns Peaksware?

Andy Stephens founded Peaksware in 2014 when he brought together two of his investments, TrainingPeaks and MakeMusic.

Who owns MakeMusic?

Peaksware is the Boulder, Colorado-based holding company that owns MakeMusic, Inc., as well as technology-oriented companies in the field of endurance and strength training.

Does SmartMusic have an app?

The new SmartMusic is priced to fit nearly any program. We even continually update the content provided in the free version of SmartMusic. Affordable pricing, combined with a cloud-based app that works on Chromebooks, iPads, and computers, means that SmartMusic is more accessible to more students than ever before.

Does SmartMusic work on Chromebook?

SmartMusic works on the devices your students use today—computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads, and accounts can be quickly accessed using Single Sign-On through the most popular Learning Management Systems.

Is SmartMusic accurate?

The accuracy of SmartMusic’s assessment depends on the quality of this recording, and the microphone used plays a significant role. Many computers, particularly Chromebooks, use built-in microphones designed for spoken voice rather than the frequency range of music.

What is a SmartMusic teacher subscription?

A SmartMusic teacher subscription means you have all the tools to guide and track every student on their music journey. If buying SmartMusic for more than one teacher or class, you may qualify for special academic pricing.

What is SmartMusic?

SmartMusic is award-winning interactive music software that provides the ideal practice environment for students in band, orchestra, and choir. With a subscription to SmartMusic, students have unlimited access to the world’s largest accompaniment library for all ages and skill levels, which includes thousands of pieces of music.

What is included in the SmartMusic premium subscription?

Includes unlimited access to the entire SmartMusic repertoire library and all teaching tools and features. Learn more. Includes unlimited access to the entire SmartMusic repertoire library and all practice tools and features.

What are the best resources for music technology teachers?

This site contains myriad resources for music technology teachers and many samples of student projects. Quizzes, worksheets, games, lesson plans, and much more. The website focuses on beginning music education fundamentals, very easy to use. The entire Web site is available for download in a free offline edition.