How do I get GCUF affiliation?

How do I get GCUF affiliation?

An Institution applying for affiliation to the University shall make an application to Registrar of the University on a prescribed form by the University at least 6 month prior to the date from which affiliation is sought.

How many campus does GCUF have?

At present, it has its own three spacious campuses in prime location of Layyah city.

How do I freeze my GCUF degree?

Student has to submit the complete fee dues for a freeze semester and Rs. 5000 for the gap semester for Undergraduate & Master Degree programs to maintain his studentship. A candidate shall not ordinarily be allowed to freeze his/her studies during 1st semester.

How many GCUF colleges are affiliated?

120 colleges
More than 120 colleges are affiliated with GCUF including Public and Private Sector colleges.

What is meant by affiliated college?

An affiliated school (also affiliated college, federated school or federated college) is an educational institution that operates independently, but also has a formal collaborative agreement with another, usually larger institution that may have some level of control or influence over its academic policies, standards …

Is GCUF offer Pharm D?

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is offering Pharm. D (5 years), Mphil and PhD in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics degree programs.

How is GCUF aggregate calculated?

Merit Calculation/ aggregate marks are computed according to the following formula: i) FSc (Pre-Engineering/ Pre-Medical with additional subject of Mathematics) ii) DAE, Electrical (2% seats) • In case of Intermediate stream i.e. FSc (Pre-Engineering/ Pre-Medical with additional subject of Mathematics): a) UET Entry …

Can I freeze my semester?

If a regularly registered student does not wish to pursue his/her studies in a particular semester, he/she may request for freezing of the said semester. If the permission is so granted the student can continue his/her studies after the said period is over.