How do I find steam curators?

How do I find steam curators?

From your group page in the Steam Community, select the ‘curator’ tab, enter a tag line, and start making recommendations. Once you make 10 recommendations, your curator can show up in lists to users looking for curators to follow.

Who are steam curators?

Steam Curators are individuals or organizations that make recommendations to help others discover interesting games in the Steam catalog. You can follow one or more curators to see their recommendations appear on your Steam home page and in your community activity feed.

Are steam curators useful?

Are Steam Curators useful? Curators are useful in the sense that they are a way to bypass Steam’s algorithm-driven system through human recommendation.

Do Steam curators get games early?

Any steam group can be a curator. A lot of games journalism sites have steam groups that are curators, and they get games early because they are in games media, but that has zero to do with being a steam curator.

Who is the most followed person on Steam?

Luke Millanta
The most followed content creator on Steam has 121,754 followers, and was achieved by Luke Millanta (Australia), as verified on 23 September 2020.

Do curators get free games?

Yes, but they mark “Recieved product for free” on all of their reviews.

How do I unignore a steam curator?

Take note that you cannot ignore curators from their curator page, as the option is only available from the list of recommended curators on your own “Steam Curators” page. If you change your mind, it’s the opposite: You’ll have to go to the curator’s page to uncheck the “ignore” box.

Is a curator an artist?

The artist acting as curator, although temporarily adopting a curatorial mode of practice, is fundamentally an artist.

What is a Steam curator?

A Steam Curator is an individual or group of people who are interested in improving the shopping experience for others by highlighting games from within the Steam catalog. Curators can choose to write positive reviews for games they recommend to their followers, or can write negative reviews for games they think are a bad fit for their followers.

Can I send multiple copies of my game to a curator?

Many Curators are comprised of a few individual reviewers, so we’ve made it possible to send multiple copies of your game to a single Curator. This is also helpful if you have a multiplayer game and you want to make sure that the team members of a Curator can play the game together and properly evaluate.

What does a curator do?

Curators can also simply post informational reviews, often providing some additional information on the game that their followers find helpful. Some Curators started out as well-known individuals or press organizations that have established communities.

What is Steam user recommendations?

Individuals or organizations that make recommendations to help others discover interesting games in the Steam catalog. A Magicka-like brawler in which you use spells to fight your enemies but more often than not, blow up your friends.