How do I contact the Board of Supervisors at Sonoma County?

How do I contact the Board of Supervisors at Sonoma County?

Contact us by Phone

  1. Phone: (707) 565-2241.
  2. CA Relay Service: 711.
  3. Fax: (707) 565-3778.

Who is Susan Gorin?

Gorin was elected to the Santa Rosa School Board, subsequently served on the Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities, and Santa Rosa Planning Commission. She then successfully ran for the Santa Rosa City Council where she served for six years.

Who is on the Board of Supervisors in Sonoma County?


District Supervisor
1 Susan Gorin
2 David Rabbitt
3 Chris Coursey
4 James Gore

How many county supervisors are there in Sonoma County?

five supervisors
The Board is composed of five supervisors elected from supervisorial districts for four year terms.

Who is the mayor of Santa Rosa?

Mayor Chris Rogers After being elected in 2016 and re-elected in 2020, Chris was selected by his colleagues to serve a two-year term as the youngest Mayor in the history of Santa Rosa. Mayor Rogers represents District 5, which includes the neighborhoods of Downtown Santa Rosa, Railroad Square, St.

How many districts are in Sonoma County?

Interactive District Map The five Supervisorial Districts are displayed below on the interactive map.

What district number is Sonoma County?

The 5th Supervisorial District encompasses the west county, including the entire Sonoma County coast, the lower Russian River area, Sebastopol, and portions of northwest and southwest Santa Rosa.

Does Santa Rosa County Florida have a curfew?

WEAR — Effective immediately, the curfew for Santa Rosa County has been canceled, according to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Who is the mayor of Rohnert Park?

Mayor Jackie Elward
For Rohnert Park Mayor Jackie Elward, the motivation to run for a seat on the Rohnert Park City Council in 2018 was simple: showing her children, as well as other Black and immigrant residents like herself, that they were represented in the city’s government.

How many schools are in Sonoma County?

There are a total of 174 public schools: 98 elementary schools, 24 middle/junior high schools and 18 high schools, approximately 64 private schools, and several alternative and independent study schools to choose from. As in many regions, Sonoma County’s demographic of students continues to change and evolve.

How many high schools are in Sonoma County?

Sonoma County is divided into 40 school districts for kindergarten through twelfth-grade (K-12) educational services. There are 31 elementary, 3 high school, and 6 unified districts.