How do I cancel my ICAI registration?

How do I cancel my ICAI registration?

You should send e-mail regarding the same to [email protected] (for IT training) OR [email protected] (for OC), containing details such as your Registration number, Batch applied for, Payment gateway, Amount and Payment date.

How can I use token number?

Enter token number and automatically the acknowledgement would be generated. and now instead of a payment option page, you’ll be taken to a page requesting you to enter the token number. Enter token number and automatically the acknowledgement would be generated.

Can I cancel my registration of CA?

Once an application for registration is sent, no cancellation is possible.

Can I change my ITT batch?

By clicking on any of the radio buttons students can choose the desired batch and can change the batch only once. By clicking on any of the radio buttons students can choose the desired batch. Procedure will be completed once the submit button is pressed/clicked.

How can I cancel my ITT registration and get a token number?

Is California registration fee refundable?

ICAI Refund of Fees: The fee once paid by candidate shall not be refunded / adjusted under any circumstances and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained. However failure in electronic transmission, double payments, lost transaction (after payment) will be considered for refund.

Is ICAI registration fees refundable?

No refund of registration fee will be made by BANGALORE BRANCH of SIRC of ICAI, once the registration application is satisfactorily accepted. It is the responsibility of the Member to understand the eligibility requirements of BANGALORE BRANCH of SIRC of ICAI before deciding to register for the ONLINE REGISTARTION.

Can we cancel CA registration?

How do I register for ITT ICAI?

Answer- First visit the URL (https:// -> GMCS/OC/ITT -> Click on Login button and then click “Register as Student” link.

Can I start Articleship before ITT?

Provisional Registration for Students pursuing Graduation They can also complete the ITT Course and Orientation Course which is mandatorily required to be completed before starting their articleship training. However, they can start their Articleship Training only after appearing for final year graduation exams.

Is NOC required for advanced ITT?

No, there is no such compulsion, The main thing to do Advanced ICITSS and MCS is you should be in your 2nd year of Articleship and you should get NOC letter from your principal to attend those programmes.

Can I cancel my ICAI ITT registration?

Yes you can cancel your ICAI ITT registration but on cancellation you would receive a token number and that amount would be adjusted when you later register for the same.

How can I register for ITT course in any branch?

Kindly call the concerned registered batch. (contact details will be given in your acknowledgement form only ) A token will be generated , (Im assuming your payment is done) ,now you can use this token to register with ITT course in any other branch of ICAI .

Can I get a refund for my ITT course?

No refunds. You either complete the course or sit at home put wet towel on tummy and head. 8 clever moves when you have $1,000 in the bank. We’ve put together a list of 8 money apps to get you on the path towards a bright financial future. , . How can I cancel my ITT batch while it is being waiting for approval?

How to register for a new batch after cancelling a course?

After cancellation of a course, you’ll find your token number in the token number tab (ex token number: stu_34_289298_2839783) Now, register for a new batch as you would normally do ( through the “Apply Course Registration” tab on the portal)